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What To Do When You’ll See Women Marching And Fighting On The Streets

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The human rights and the freedom are the fundament of the civilization. Those core values are embedded in every historical document related to human rights, but unfortunately, there’ve been times when some people violated those rights. As a result of those violations today we can see people marching all over the world, especially in the United States. More specifically, here are some facts that served as profound lessons from women’s marching in the USA.

Peaceful world

If you want a peaceful world, then you should put a woman in charge. The whole history of cultural gender educated us that the men’s can delegate aggression, and women can keep the peace around us. Of course, there are women who have served military, women who had committed a violation against the law, as well as a woman who had approved war operations. But here is some other fact, seeing women marching, everybody knows that it’s just a peaceful moment where the women are walking on the streets.

Put the woman of color in a first row

People of color or women of color are working in different and diverse communities and they build a powerful ethnical affiliation, in this way they improve listening of those unheard voices. Prioritizing the people of colors, orientations, and ethnicities and putting them in a first row is a revolution we all need.

Women rights are human’s rights

From all marches in the USA, we learned that women didn’t protest for equal pay at work or equal access to power positions. They marched and carried signs about improving health care, repairing the education system and protection of immigrants, Including signs like “black lives matter”, proved that women exceeded protests for their rights, but they have understood that women’s rights are human rights and the other way around.

Women’s marches are global

On those events there is a practice of spelling “women” with an “x”, to proclaim the embarrassment of the all not-male genders and the feminist men. We all could see the diversity of the people, also including Black, Asian, White, and people of all ages. Women also had promoted the rights of life in these marches. As a matter of fact, these rights are entitled to all living creatures ( animals, plants and the entire organic web ). From these marches, we saw a wide concern about the harmful human activity on the planet.

Who would deny these marches?

I will answer this question in the simplest way. The people who exploited the nature and the people who had benefit from people of color. Proceeding this, you will ask why these people? Well, because no one wants to hear the real issues of the societies and not everyone wants to hear the voices who had been exploited.

It’s about the world

These marches took place in the USA, but “de facto” they happened in every big city in the world. Partly, as I said, America had shaped the lives of other countries around the world. Surely, we all want to keep the peace, we all want to drink clear water and eat a real food, and we all want decent life and freedom.

We all should act together

The most important thing about women marches is that one voice might not be heard, but million people’s voices in the world could be heard and understood, undoubtedly. We know that people standing together, can’t compare to the power of weapons and wars, but in 21 century we live in democracies and civilized world, and we all should raise our voices loud and together if we want to make a change, to get some results, eventually if we want to improve our way of living.

Acting together will make boundary against the racism, discrimination and the other forms of injustice and unfairness. We will fight together against the exploitation of the poorest areas in the world and we should all make our history, so our successors will learn from our actions and they will continue with the same.

The most powerful lesson from women’s marching is not to act on your own behalf but to advocate for others rights, and this is an even more influential process. A wise man said once “In the altercation of the human rights and freedom, we are all worthy to fight for it”.

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