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10 Unique Travel and Adventure Ideas for Romantic Couples

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There’s nothing quite romantic for couples than having unique travel ideas and doing them together eventually. Travel can put the relationship to the test but it would definitely boost the fire and gentleness for each other. It would make couples strong and make them closer than ever.

It’s always an awesome idea to travel with your romantic partner. You can experience things together in new places. You will create new but long-lasting memories. Whether it is a beach vacation or staycation, what more important is, both of you take the time together in doing something. Budget and time are not problems as long as both of you work on it.

If you’re looking for new travel ideas to do next time, consider the following adventures, and who knows you may now tick off stuff on your travel bucket list:

Choose marine life with diving and snorkeling

Escape the ordinary beach trip. Take the underwater experience like diving and snorkeling. As a couple, both of you can experience seeing the brightest colorful reefs, delicate corals, tropical fish, and even the friendly sea creatures like dolphins. Celebrate the beauty of marine life. You have great choices for these activities including Maldives, Australia, and Hawaii.

Stay in a luxury hotel

If both of you have tight schedule and travelling out of town is not possible anytime soon, you can just book and reserve a room in a luxurious hotel. Staying in a luxurious hotel will definitely help both of you to relax and enjoy a weekend. You can have sumptuous meal as well while you stay in your chosen hotel.

Try the Glamping experience

From the root word Glam and Camping, glamping has been quite popular these days among friends and couples. You can head into the woods, set up a tent, and spend the evening there. Another option is pitching a tent on a nearby beach for a sea breeze experience for the night.

Dine and wine

This is also a classic romantic travel idea for couples. There’s nothing quite romantic than spending a night with candle-lit dinner. With candle-lit dinner, there’s a fine wine while looking at each other. Dessert is also the best part of dining in. But of course, just choose the cuisine you’d like to experience for the evening – French, Japanese, Spanish, and more. It’s refreshing to try different cuisine for a change.

Go skiing

If you live in a country where there’s snow, try skiing together. No matter what your budget is, skiing is a good travel date for couples. Or if you’re not in the snowy country, you can travel in countries with that weather and climate. You can choose in Mayrhofen, Austria or Jasna, Slovakia. It’s really up to your bucket list as a couple.

Smooch and kiss inside the Ferris Wheel

You want a more romantic option? Go to a theme park in the city, get tickets for the rides, and choose Ferris Wheel, and kiss while moving until you reach the top. Kissing inside the Ferris Wheel is one of the most romantic scenes in few romance movie. There’s something special about that kind of ride.

Do the classic road trip

If one of the couples has a car, they can take it out for a road trip. For the road to be really fun and exciting, couples can do the following:

  • Burn a CD with your favorite songs, bring MP3 player, or the famous Spotify as long as you the audio device to listen to them
  • Bring snacks
  • Stop for diners along the road
  • Check stores whenever you can
  • Reminisce and talk everything while driving

There are endless options. Imagination is not limited.

Take a retreat to beach paradise

This is something that most couples do during their first few months and years. It’s better to choose a beach paradise outside the city or out of the country. There are several options to choose such as the beaches in Bali, Indonesia or Toowoon Bay beach resort in Sydney, Australia. Beach retreat is something that will enrich one’s life and people who do this experience total relaxation and comfort.

Try something scary and crazy

Choose your scary poison – skydiving, bungee jumping, and more. These activities are not for everyone especially those with heart problems. The key in this option is to select something that excites you both and feels scary as well. This is something you should cross out on your travel activity list.

Take an unforgettable trek or hike

As a couple, you can also spend a day or few days hiking iconic mountain. Both of you can choose which mountain to trek. Just make sure that both of you can do it, better that it should fit for novice hikers. It’s a unique way to bond. Few choices should be mountainous area in your place for a starter.

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