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Substandard tires and bad driving – risk not only for your life but also for the other traffic

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Often it is forgotten that the tire is the only contact with the road. It is understood that its quality and functionality have a crucial impact on safety, and back – poor quality and defective tire is like a time bomb that awaits usually the least favorable moment…

Under the influence of economic factors, not push to purchase the cheaper, often in the procurement of tires, the people are making huge compromises on quality. They choose tires with very poor driving performance – bad handling, braking and low service life.

But also as a justification for their actions, the drivers are often willing to overlook events that tire will never forget, such as rapid acceleration, sudden braking, excessive speed in turns, speeding, blows to the hole, curb, pavement or stone, inadequate tire pressure (too low or too high), carrying a greater burden than that which the tires are adequate, etc.

Day by day, the invisible damage accumulates and it will appear after some time, unfortunately perhaps in the worst moment. Traffic experts advise choosing tires that are appropriate for the car and the weather or to use summer tires in the summer time and winter tires in the winter time.

They also said that the frequent checks of the tires are also very important, every each driver must check the tire pressure, the control centering, and do not forget to make the rotation of the tires in order to make their life longer.  To safe driving they should take an air compressor for filling their car tires in a danger moment.The rotation is recommended every spent from 5000 to 6200 miles in order to be evenly spending.

If you are driving in some dangerous places you must drive slowly and at the right angles. You must respect the maximum permissible payload, including the pressure on the coupling of the trailer that hauls the vehicle.

The tires in good condition are providing security and stability in driving, allows you to have quick reactions if needed, especially in difficult weather conditions, and they can also save your life.

A good quality tire ensures greater resistance to the above-mentioned events – which sometimes is not possible to be avoided, however, skillful, resourceful and conscientious driver always can find some other solution.

It is best to go to an authorized company that can advise you on the purchase of tires, which will give you a real information about the level of quality, of a brand, and that will stand behind the guarantee of the quality of the tires you choose.

Today, we have a lot of types of tires on the market, and of course one of the most popular in the world is the program of tires of the “Goodyear” company, producing so many types of tires such as Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda, Sava etc. In this company you can buy very quality tires and with a good price.

Also there you can ask them for a schedule for a free inspection and free change of the tires (winter-summer). From the employees who has a very big knowledge from years of experience more in this company, you can get the best advice and recommendations, whether you needs passenger or cargo heavy tires.

It is dangerous to use winter tires in summer

On March expires the legal obligation of possession of the winter equipment in the vehicles. But the biggest mistake that the drivers make is to continue to use the vehicles with their winter tires.

According to some rough estimates, even a quarter of the drivers decides not to change the winter tires at the end of the winter and continue to use them in summer conditions.

They are a lot of reasons for this decision, but the most prevalent are two. The first is that it will save money because the summer tires are a legal requirement and the other is poor awareness of vendors winter tires, which tires marked with “M+S” are sold as tires for all seasons, which is a big mistake.

We should know that using the winter tires in the summer, deteriorating the performance of the car and continued the way of braking, thus reducing the overall level of occupant safety. The winter tire is considerably softer than the summer tire because comprised of silicon dioxide, which provides softness even at the low temperatures.

When the temperature rises up, the winter tires become excessively soft, which makes them easy to overheat and deform and shrink and manageability. This means that when the car with summer tires will stop the vehicle, the car with winter tires will continue traveling at 23 mph.

This is evidenced in many independent tests that show that the winter tires compared to the summer tires, on dry surfaces at a temperature of 20 Celsius degrees and a speed of 60 mph, have an average of six meters longer braking distance.

The use of winter tires in the summer will not save money, except that you’ll spend fewer miles because they will spend faster, and is good to know that using the winter tires will increase the fuel consumption.

Their design creates more rolling resistance, thereby increasing fuel consumption. The difference may amount to several deciliters per 60 miles. In addition, most rolling resistance leads to increase of the temperature of the tires, which increases the likelihood of damage.

This is particularly noticeable in the summer when driving on the highway at high speed. In such conditions, the winter tires can overheat and possibly burst. In addition, the winter tires are louder than the summer tires, especially on smooth and dry asphalt, which affects the comfort trip.

If you decide to change your winter tires and equips your car with summer tires, it is advisable to do that in the company that provides reputed brands and guarantees for the quality of the tires. It is important to get professional advice when choosing tires to be suitable not only for your car but also for the manner of driving.

Finally, make sure to check the tires often, to see their condition, pressure, etc.

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