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The Spellbound Nordic Chairs Never Fails To Deliver A Stylish

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Functionality, style and comfort. These are the three fundamental rules of Nordic design applied to furniture, which has led to unique creations with an unmistakable stamp.

One of the clearest examples of the personality of the Nordic design are its well-known minimalist chairs, with a rounded casing and wooden or steel legs. Nordic style chairs are proposals that always succeed and their strong point is versatility.

The same chair for multiple spaces

The Nordic style chairs have been around the world and have become a brand image. In any corner of the planet, you can find these iconic creations. Which combine curved lines with stylized forms. The casings, usually made of polyurethane, resemble a half cup or evoke a spoon with smooth lines. The legs slide towards the ground with a certain inclination, which gives the whole a differential touch.

The success of this design lies also in the combination of materials and colors. The housings can be mounted on wooden legs, metal or the combination of both. The possibilities are multiple and all offer good results. There are Nordic wooden chairs in different shades; there are also upholstered Nordic chairs that fit perfectly in any room or room.

Versatility is available by the several way of uses. The Nordic chair brings a touch of distinction to any room in the house, be it the living room, the bedroom or an office. They look good in any corner and do not need to be the same. At present, trends in decoration flee from uniformity and try to integrate different elements and materials in the same space. A striking example that we can find in the shop windows is a set of wooden table with Nordic chairs of different colors. To round off the proposal, the legs can also be different.

Eames chair, the origin

The Nordic chairs are closely related to a North American designer and film director named Charles Eames. He was the creator of the well-known Eames chair, in which the characteristic designs of northern Europe have subsequently been inspired.

To know the history of the chair Eames we have to go back to the year 1947. At that time, the one who was director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Nelson A. Rockefeller, called a furniture design contest at a low price. The idea was to provide the population with attractive and cheap furniture, while the American government promoted the construction of affordable houses.

More than 3,000 projects were presented and Charles Eames achieved the second prize in chair category. The jury especially appreciated the variety of applications. The possibility of using the same chair for the home or for an office conquered Rockefeller completely.

Forming a team with his wife Ray Kaise Eames, the designer created different prototypes that have reached our days: armless housings, chair-like chairs and even rocking chairs.

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