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What Should You Do When Someone Give You A Bonsai

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If you get a bonsai in your birthday and you do not know what to do, you are in the right post. Now time we will explore you how to take care of that bonsai that you like.  So that it does not turn yellow, lose its leaves and end up dying. Take note!

What species is your bonsai?

Before going to bonsai care, it is important to know what species it is. First, try to know if it comes from a tree or a bush, then know what about their care and needs require accordingly types of plants. Some of the most popular are the following: Chinese elm, Japanese juniper, Japanese maple, tree of the thousand stars, ficus benjamina, et cetera.

How to take care of bonsai?

In order for your first bonsai to flourish, it is necessary that you cannot grow it indoors. Because when it comes from a tree or shrub, it needs to be outdoors in an illuminated place. However, if the window stays well, leave it where it is. Remember that although many of the bonsai species can be inside, many of them not die.

Beware of over-watering

As with all plants, when watering do not overdo the irrigation and let the substrate dry between watering and irrigation. When you do it, water it in a deep way, several times until the soil is very moist.

Remove the stones that are stuck on the surface of the floor

Many of the bonsai that are sold in stores that are not dedicated to them come with a layer of stones stuck on the surface of the ground. Remove them as soon as you can, because this layer prevents the water from draining and that will end up killing your little tiny tree. The simplest and safest way to remove them is to immerse the pot in water for 30 minutes and then using tweezers or fingers to remove the layer of stones.

The bonsai that usually have this layer of stones are generally of poor quality. Therefore, check this before buying a bonsai to avoid problems.

Protect it from cold

The shrub trees will lose their leaves annually and may seem to have died in winter. However, if you keep them well, they will sprout again and fill with leaves. Conifers require a period of hibernation.

However, do not take them indoors, as many of them require to protect them when temperatures drop below -6 ° C.

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