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Energy Saving Policy: 10 tips to save on your bills

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Much of the time we are not aware of our impact on the environment with our daily energy consumption, which also directly affects our pocket. To change this and acquire new habits of save energy, we explain some simple tricks that allow you to save on your next receipts

Save energy in five ways

The plants

Do you like plants? Then decorate your garden or balcony with native species were better adapted to the climate and need less water. Moreover, whenever possible attempts will irrigate late afternoon: that no water will evaporate by the sun. And if you cover the pots with pebbles, you get a nice decorative effect and will reduce further evaporation.

If you avoid planting grass garden around the ground. You can replace much with decorative stones and other items that do not require water. Investing in an irrigation system that provides water directly to the roots: you will have to water your plants less and have better health. Group them according to their need for water and fertilized with compost, because it helps maintain moisture. Do the test!

Hot water

Water temperature is one of the factors that more water makes us surplus: while we wait for it to warm up before showering can get you to spend more than 100 liters, so a good idea is to fill the mop bucket or watering can to use water that has been lost. Insulate hot water pipes is also an excellent choice to avoid loss of temperature, and thus will reduce the cost of both water and energy.

A good habit of responsible save energy is to use wash programs requiring low temperatures whenever you can. The “echo” of the dishwasher, at 50, the program will be fine on almost any occasion. And with laundry between 40 ° and 60 ° it is also more than enough, always bearing in mind that if the clothes are not very dirty it is sufficient cold water program. Whatever notice!

The kitchen

One way to save energy is change some of your habits in the kitchen. For example, always cover pots and pans: you will reduce the energy needed to heat by more than 25%. If you use pressure cookers, you will be saving up to 50%, and the same goes for the oven: try not to open it until it is absolutely necessary to keep cool and do not use it to defrost or reheat food.

Similarly, consider installing the refrigerator away from the stove and oven to warm up and spend no more energy to re-cool and keep the door open the shortest time possible. Another great trick to consume responsibly is to let food thaw slowly in the refrigerator, because that serves to maintain the cold temperature. Did you have that in mind?

The lighting

Warm light bulbs expend a lot more energy and have a much shorter than the lifesaving. Opting for the latter and you will be saving energy and money, although they are somewhat more expensive.

Another interesting option is to install a lighting system with motion sensors, especially in areas “pass” as hallways or stairs. This prevents light spend if they stay on. And on the outside, setup solar solutions: you’ll notice much savings.


If you have heating at home, try to keep the windows are open too long if it is on: to ventilate sufficient 10 or 15 minutes. It is also very important that the heat source is not covered by curtains or furniture, so the heat can spread easily through the different rooms.

Do you want some extra advice? There they go!

  • Avoid leaving appliances on standby.
  • Betting on appliances class A.
  • Uses a black screen saver for your computer monitor.
  • Adjusts the electrical power that have hired your real needs.
  • If you do renovations, installing double glazing instead of a double window.

If you practice these tips for responsible energy consumption, you’ll see notes the difference in the bill at the end of the month. And the planet will be eternally grateful!

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