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3 Ways to Repair Broken Plastic Toys

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Most toys are made from plastic material. When you buy a plastic toy for your kids, they must be really happy. However, if they play with the toys every time, the toys may be broken. But, you are no need to worry about it because you can still repair the toys. How to repair broken plastic toys anyway? Read these three simple tips on repairing broken plastic toys.

Use Superglue for Plastic

Well, using the strongest glue for plastic is the best choice if your toys are broken into pieces where you can put them together. There are so many strong glue products or superglue for plastic available in the market today. You can just pick the best one and start to connect the broken pieces. But, you have to be careful because the glue can also paste on your skin and it is difficult to remove anyway. It is better to use superglue than ordinary glue to make it strong. Moreover, the benefit of using strong glue is that it does not leave remnants as if it is no damage.

Plastic Welding with Heat

You probably do not have superglue to repair your broken plastic, but you can still try other ways such as plastic welding with heat. This is also a good choice because plastic can easily be burned. How to do it? Simply, you can take a small stick made from iron or simply use solder. Then, you just put the solder tip on the broken area. You can also use additional plastic to cover the broken or cracked area by melting the plastic. Somehow, plastic welding can fix a broken plastic toy, but the toy may look bad because there is a remnant of the burning plastic in the area.

Tie the Toy Using a Rope

If you have no idea where to find a super glue or you have no time for plastic welding, then you just try the simplest way but it is not effective. This can be a temporary option before you use superglue for plastic to make it strong. In this case, you can use a rope or string to connect the broken pieces. You can make a small hole on each part of the piece and then insert the string in the hole and tie it up. Somehow, not all of the pieces can be tied up with string and you must use superglue if the pieces are too small. Even you cannot do plastic welding when it is too small.

Finally, those are three simple tips on how to repair your broken plastic toys effectively. From those three options, the best choice is using superglue that you can purchase in many groceries. This glue cannot only join plastic material, but you can also use it for rubber material, wood material, and others. But, the plastic welding can be your second choice if you have no superglue at all despite it is not easy to do it because it can be broken again.

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