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How to Remove Stains from Furniture and Hardwood Floors

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Wood is a noble material that provides many uses in our home, as well as being of great longevity. However, it is quite frequently to damage and sometimes people believe that it cannot be repaired.

The spots are one of the most frequent damages in the wood. For example, it is typical to find brands of glasses on night tables or coffee tables in the room. Likewise, the wooden floor is also stained by different factors.

In this article, we have gathered for you a set of tricks that will be useful to remove these stains and revalue your furniture and hardwood floors.

It is important to remember that the treatment we give to wood will depend to a large extent on the depth of the stain. A superficial stain will require only a sealer or a product for its removal. In contrast, a deep stain may require that the furniture must be sanded and require more varnish paint.

What to do according to the type of stain?

Oil stains

To remove the oil stains it is necessary to apply heat on the area, for which you must put a rag in the stain and pass the iron several times until the stain disappears. Then, polish as usual.

Water spots

For water stains, just make a mixture of baking soda with a little white toothpaste. Apply on the surface and go. You can also choose the traditional cloth moistened with wood oil.

Makeup stains, enamels and acetone

Makeup products can cause many types of stain on wood. As soon as the piece is stained, apply a little hair spray (lacquer) on the affected area, which will help to retain the stain. Immediately afterwards wipe with a dry cloth.

Acetone stains or enamel remover are particularly difficult. Try an equal portion of turpentine, white vinegar and flaxseed oil. First clean the affected area with a sponge and then clean all the furniture.

Heat stains

Heat stains are those produced by cigarettes, hot pots or other elements that leave brown spots on the piece of wood. These stains cannot be removed with cleaning techniques, but require restoration. You should sand the surface gently, clean and varnish it once more.

Stains on the wooden floor

  1. First, sweep or vacuum the floor to remove as much dust as possible.
  2. Mix 4 liters of TIBIA water with vinegar.
  3. Do a test in a corner not very visible to check the reaction of your floor with the mixture. Remember that wooden floors can be very different.
  4. Moisten and squeeze the rag (pigtail or mop) and clean the surface.
  5. Immediately, pass a dry cloth to remove any excess.

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