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The Reason behind Bugs Attracted to Light

The Reason behind Bugs Attracted to Light

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Quite often, it is seen that bugs fly around lights and bulbs in your homes in Central Coast, especially garden area, balconies and backyard. You might have seen a flock of insects moving towards lights. Amazed if bugs are attracted to light? If yes, what is the reason behind it? Many questions like these are in your mind, right? Well, here in this blog we have brought together detailed information about the relation between bugs and light. Hope you find your answers, keep reading. If there is still any confusion, you can take help from your pest control services anytime.

Does light attract bugs?

With the live incidents you experience daily in your area, answer to this question is not very difficult. Yes, bugs are attracted towards light. Now, this answers paves way for some more inquisitiveness in a person’s mind, like it did me. Which types of insects and bugs get attracted to light? What is the reason behind this weird attraction? Is there any particular phenomena supporting it? If yes, what is it? Okay! Hold on, you curious mind! Have a little patience and continue reading for answers.

What kind of bugs like light?

Prior to the detailed investigation on why insects get attracted to light, we should draw some attention to what kind of bugs like light the most? The most common bug that we generally see around bulbs, lanterns or any other source of light is a moth. Other insects in the list include:

  • Fireflies
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Mosquitoes
  • Beetles

Actual phenomenon supporting the attraction between lights and bugs

Various theories support the fact of insects getting attracted to light. Out of many, one is known as phototaxis. It talks about the way an insect or bugs move away or towards light. When a bug flies towards a light source, it is positive phototaxis. Thye ones who move away from light such as cockroaches fall under the theory of negative phototaxis.

 Another supporting fact revealed is that there are bugs which follow stars and moon as their path guide at night. As you turn on your bulbs, they mistake it as their guide. You might not know but there are insects which move in an internal navigation system. Flying bugs move in a constant angle to their distant light source (moon). Lighting up an artificial source of light causes distraction in the internal navigation system of these bugs and thus relative angle is lost.

Ways to keep bugs away from outdoor lights

As there is no particular consensus behind bugs getting attracted to light, here are some useful ways to control the number of insects flying towards your outdoor lights. The first things to notice is giving up the use of mercury vapour lights, as they attract insects at large. Also ignore using fluorescent and incandescent bulbs because of their insect attracting property. If ever the amount of bugs increases at par, always call bed bug control services in Central Coast.    

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