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How A Qualified Electrician Can Help You Save Money In Your Office?

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As of now, are you an entrepreneur who has opened a new online food catering business in Bangalore from your old home? It is obvious, that you have an office and a team to cater to the requirement. Do you have doubts about the electric bill? Do you feel that the charges can be minimized? Then the best way is to seek the services of a qualified electrician. If you have appliances such as air conditioner, microwave oven, electric fans then you should find ways to cut down on consumption of electricity.

Agreed, you may save a minimal amount of money by unplugging the appliances after use, but it will not be enough to keep the bills down. You should always know the age of the electrical wiring in your office. Has it crossed the age of twenty? Then the electrical system in the office will rarely be capable to do the work as per the required standards. A qualified technician can tell you if the wiring has gone out-of-date. Then, you may have to go for a complete rewire job.

Is It Time?

Let us imagine, your old home has crossed twenty years of age, but you have opened your own business in the same place. An office requires plenty of appliances to run at the same time. They can cause the danger of overload. In extreme cases, the wires can get heated and there may be possibilities of a fire. In the past, the electrical wires were protected by a rubber coating. Have you checked the wires? Are they in perfect condition or they have deteriorated?

There are always two options in life – One is to play safe and the next is to feel sorry for a lifetime after completing an action. It is always advisable to have a qualified electrician do an inspection in your home. If the job of rewiring has to happen, don’t just go bonkers. There are also simple ways such as giving an update to the electrical service panel. Or you may have to go for the more challenging tasks of the electrical rewiring to the entire house.

  1. Electrical Panel

Let us imagine, the electrician conducted an inspection of your office and found that the place can afford only 500 amps. But being an office, with computers and laptops, you need 1000 amps.

In this case, there is no way except to go for up-gradation. If it is regarding only a room, then the cost will be low and you may change to a new electrical panel if the electrician gives the approval.—

  1. Signs Your House/Office Needs Rewiring

As a human being and owner of a business, it is always your prime responsibility to keep the employees safe. Outdated or false wiring is always a serious threat to all the home owners. If you find these clues, then calling a qualified electrician is mandatory –

Flickering lights

Discolored switchboards

You sense the burning smell of vinyl compounds or plastic. It is usually associated with sizzling sounds.

Blown fuses

Damaged and exposed wires around the panel.

  1. You Can Take Rest

Once rewired according to the requirements, the electrical system can last nearly decades. But the duration will also depend on the quality of your selected wires, the type of your house or office space etc. As a business owner, it is always essential to keep a watchful eye on the electrical wiring and know the apt time to call an electrician to save human life and money.

  1. Efficiency

A qualified electrician can give you the best tips on minimal waste of electrical energy. With proper wiring and lighting (LED), you can use less power to provide the same atmosphere for your employees.

  1. More Productivity

If the wiring as well electrical infrastructure is proper, among the other benefits you will get is fast internet connectivity. There will be, definitely faster transmission of data, faster download, and high productivity. Your office can also handle high amount of bandwidth capabilities such as videoconferencing as well other top level communication systems.

  1. Generators or Battery Banks

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You need to have backup power in case of a power outage as well interruption. In case of electrical failure or power shortage, the work in your office can continue without fail. A qualified electrician can give you the perfect information for the back-up generators that will suit your business requirements.

He can also ensure that the installation is done correctly and also give you tips on maintenance.

In case you have more appliances, following the compliance procedure of electrical codes and safety will ensure the equipment runs in proper working condition.

Rewiring The Place

In case the home is more than forty years, then you need time to rewire the entire house. With this similar situation, the electrician has to remove the entire old wires, before installation of new wires. In some cases, the walls have to be pulled down to get at the wires.

But if you are lucky, the electrician can cut into the required places to get the wiring. They can also pull wires through the walls by making use of rods as well the thin metal line called fish tape.

Requirements In A Rewired Home

Always keep these standards in mind –

Ensure all the rooms in your office are fixed with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). This method offers the best protection from high voltage currents and electrocution.

The office should have a grounding wire. All the electrical systems are safe only when they are grounded. But it is usually noted, that many of the older homes do not have the grounding option. They offer a free passage path for the electricity to flow in case of a malfunction. The electricity will flow straight to the earth.


It is the era of start-ups. In cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi, the focus is to open a company on your favorite field. Are you a similar person who has opened a start-up regarding online caterers in Bangalore? Then we hope that this article on saving money via electrical energy consumption has given you a few points.

Did we miss another valuable point? Sure? Then please feel free to drop a message in the inbox? We can take the issue in our next section.

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