Tuesday , May 22 2018

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3 Ways to Repair Broken Plastic Toys

Repair Broken Plastic Toys

Reading Time: 2 minutesMost toys are made from plastic material. When you buy a plastic toy for your kids, they must be really happy. However, if they play with the toys every time, the toys may be broken. But, you are no need to worry about it because you can still repair the …

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Tips of Paint Over Ceramic Tile Cheap & Easy Way

Tips in Painting Ceramic Tiles

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn the Philippines, Floor tiles’ polish is hard to maintain since the country is susceptible to floods inside houses. Floor tiles in the Philippines are usually found in bathrooms, living rooms, and sometimes even in outdoor areas like the garage, terrace, or balcony. The types of tiles used in houses …

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Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Catering Business

Reading Time: 2 minutesCooking for others may just be one of the most satisfying things one can do. If you have ever found yourself feeling proud and accomplished every time people enjoy the food you cooked for them, then starting a catering business might just be the next career path for you. Although …

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List of Vitamins You Didn’t Know You Should Take

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen talking about nutritional supplements, there are plenty of options. That have been on the market for decades already. Nowadays, there are even supplements for cosmetic purposes like the collagen supplement, which is especially famous among women. Even with the discovery and development of new kinds of supplements, there are …

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Comparing Ipsy to Birchbox!

Reading Time: 2 minutesDo you want to have skin products dropped to your home without having to painfully select and order them? Do you know what birchbox and ipsy are? Are you confused about what to select amongst them? Well, then maybe you should understand the difference amongst these. Getting your make-up home …

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