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Get Real and Lasting Results With Medical Weight Loss Programs

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Millions of people start a new diet each and every day in America. At any given time, about one-third of the population is on a diet that promises to help them lose weight and keep it off. Sadly, almost none of these people will drop pounds permanently. In fact, most regain them within one year. The problem is not only that modern diets are ineffective, but also that they waging war against an implacable foe. How do we know?

Ever since Americans started fighting the battle of the bulge a few decades ago, they’ve done nothing but get fatter. Obesity rates skyrocketed by more than 10 percent from 1980 to 2010. At the same time, people started spending billions of dollars on weight loss programs and became regular passengers on the diet rollercoaster. It was not entirely their fault, of course.

The basic premise of most weight loss programs is that people can lose weight by dint of willpower alone. The actual diet is entirely arbitrary. It might advocate eating citrus fruits, green vegetables, or even pure protein. But no matter the food, reducing your caloric intake is absolutely imperative. Many so-called fad diets recommend cutting daily calories in half! Is this possible?

We would argue that it is not. While it is true that some people exhibit almost otherworldly willpower during times of stress and strife, it is not a defining human attribute, especially where food is concerned. The fact is that the human animal has always been an opportunistic eater. There is a simple explanation for this. For most of our history, food was incredibly hard to come by. In fact, early humans spent most of their time and energy hunting, gathering, scavenging, and growing food. And when they finally found something, anything edible, they would eat as much as they possibly could.

Yes, for most of human history it truly was feast or famine, which may be why most diets simply do not work. Easy access to cheap, tasty foods is too much for most of us to pass up, even if we have strong willpower. It could be argued, and convincing, that humans are not wired or programmed to voluntarily cut their caloric intake. That may just be the fatal flaw of most weight loss programs.

How a medical weight loss center can help?

The average inveterate dieter goes on a diet 4 or 5 times a year. He or she does so because diets are designed as temporary solutions to permanent problems. The reason so many people fail to keep the weight off after they lose it is because they go right back to eating the same foods that made them fat immediately after they reach their goal weight. It would seem then that the simplest and most effective way to reach and maintain a healthy weight and avoid the diet rollercoaster would be to change your regular diet.

Medical weight loss programs are generally more effective than generic diet plans because dieters are treated as patients. Doctors and other medical professionals perform physical exams and a battery of test in order to determine exactly why the patient is gaining weight. Once they have an answer, doctors can create personal weight loss plans based on the wants, needs, and goals of their patients. And even some doctors will recommend dieter to control their appetite by applied an hourglass waist trainer garment.

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