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iPhone X Vs Samsung S9: Which one should you pick?

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The smartphone is the daily need of every individual around the globe. In this regard, what you need most is the smartphone that provides the excellent features. In this race, the Apple, Inc., and Samsung are in the race from years to beat others in this global race. However, both (Samsung S9 and iPhone X ) are the popular smartphones in the race that are user-friendly. Here, we will see precise views of these devices to get the information that what is more influential in this regard.

This race attained the speed of top gear from Galaxy S8, and few changes have made in S9 to fulfill customer’s desires in the global market. Samsung S9 gives the more bezel shape by inserting the cameras and sensors within the thinner top and bottom.

iPhone X is also made with the innovative thought. Apple makes every device with efficiency, but different from others. Its screen goes from the top frame to edge with the notch for sensors along with the camera. The notch is the common feature of almost every smartphone. But the Samsung doesn’t approach this common thought which is the reason for its success in its successive models in the market.

Comparison of excellent and competitive features

The Samsung S9 comes with fingerprint below its rear camera. It’s the better place to include this feature in it. Furthermore, it is also comprised of iris with face unlock that comes to attain the competitive with the customer’s perspective after the sign-in feature of Apple.

  • Both devices have OLED screens of 5.8 inch, but the Samsung S9’s resolution (2960 x 1440) and pixel density (570 ppi) are higher.

This doesn’t mean that low resolution (2436 x 1125) of iPhone X’s has been beaten easily by Samsung because both devices display is comfortable to use without any issue.

  • Both smartphones display the HDR contents, but the Samsung S9 ensures its top speed goals achievement with YouTube HDR and Amazon Prime, which is not available in iPhone X.

Meanwhile, the surrounding temperature has been altered by the tone technology of iPhone X.

iPhone X or Samsung S9? Which is more emerging?

There is a big difference between iPhone and Samsung.  iPhone has its own iOS system that makes this device more compatible and innovative for customers. Here, the question can arise,  which is emerging device from these two? Let see the precise look.

Benchmarking prediction

The iPhone X is proved to be compatible with the score of 4257 (single-core) and 10,364 (multi-core). However, the Samsung S9 is not far behind with the achievement of 8424 (single-core) and 2472 (multi-core). These are benchmarking test reviews, but the customer’ responses show the prior result with the trust in both devices as more merging and powerful.


Samsung S9 moves one step ahead of having 4 GB RAM whereas iPhone X is of 3 GB. Furthermore, the difference in iOS and Android doesn’t mean that the higher RAM gives the best performance. Best thing is that both smartphones are available in 64 GB and 256 GB, but Samsung S9 have the micro SD slot facility that supports the card up to 400 GB that is not present in iPhone X.


iPhone X is, however, an expensive device with the starting price of £999 for 64 GB device and for 256 GB £1149. Whereas, Samsung is more competitive for the customers that start from £739 for 64 GB and £869 for 256 GB. But these prices are also beyond the purchase of many customers. That’s why they take the advantage of reveal codes for it.

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