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How to Preserve the Flower Corsage

How to Preserve the Flower Corsage and Make it Last a Lifetime

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Keep your special memories alive all the time, by preserving the flower corsages that you were adorned with on your special day be it a wedding, engagement or a special date night. Corsage Preservation is not a difficult task as you can imagine. It does not require any costly materials in the process to preserve it. Preserving your heart close corsage is a wonderful idea to freeze the moment in reality. It always remains as a special attachment to you when you look at it each time.

There are many ways to preserve the flower corsage and we highly recommend to buy preserved flowers decoration from Secret Florists if you want an easy way. But it also depends on the size, color and species of the flower that requires preservation. Following as some methods from which you can choose one to do the preservation and keep your memories close to your heart.

Method #1 Drying method

This is the most popular method to preserve flower corsage used at special occasions. The process involves, tying all flowers together with a rope at its stems. Then hang this bunch upside down in a room that remains dark most of the time with all doors, windows and blinds closed for few days. The corsage bunch dries up completely in about three to four days. Since the flowers turns dry and fragile, to make it last longer, you can turn it into a display by placing it in a pretty glass box with a little note on it about the special event along with a photo to make you mindful of the event each time you both look at it. This is considered to be the least expensive method of corsage preservation.

Method #2 Spray Method

The second most popular method of preservation is the Spray Method. This is also an inexpensive method where you have to use a spray to prevent the flowers from wilting. You can use your quality aerosol hair spray to achieve this method. Walk to your outdoors. Tie up the corsage with a cord tightly. Hold the corsage at a distant from you and spray your hair spray all over it so that it covers each part of the corsage. That’s it! The final step is to keep it safe in a decorated pretty box, and attach a note and photo from your special event to make it a memorable boutonniere.

Method #3 Pressing Method

The pressing method takes quite some time like about three to four weeks to complete the process. You need some newspapers, tissue papers, two big cardboard sheets, heavy thick books and the corsage. Choose a place to keep the items for the next three to four weeks. Place a sheet of cardboard and place four newspapers over it. Then a sheet of tissue on the newspaper. Then place the corsage over the tissue paper. The most important part is that the flowers must not overlap each other. You have to spread the flowers on the tissue paper and make sure they do not lie one over the other. Now place another tissue paper carefully over the flowers. Place about four sheets of newspaper on top of the tissue followed by the big sheet of cardboard. Now you have to place the heavy weighing books on the place where the flowers are spread and placed. Leave it in the corner of the room for the next three weeks. The flowers will be completely dried by now. If you notice any portion of the flower to be moist, then place the entire set in the same position for one more week. You can either frame this flower or make it a display in your living or master bedroom to cherish the moment.

Method #4 Freezing Method

This method involves freezing your corsage in your freezer at home. All you have to do is to place the corsage in a good quality plastic container or the original plastic wrapping and place it inside the freezer. The corsage can also be freeze dried in your local flower shop. But might be expensive if done with them.

Method #5 Gel Method

Purchase silica gel from your local craft shop. Take a huge plastic container and pour silica gel to fill half the container and till the corsage submerges into it. The container has to be large to hold the corsage. Leave it in the dark dry side of your room for about three weeks. Then take it out, dust off the excess silica gel and spray it with hair spray. Now all you need to do is preserve it in a pretty glass box or decorated opaque box with a note and a photo from the event and make your memories last long.

Method #6 Dusting Method

Other items that can be used as substitute for hair spray are cornmeal or borax. Use a cardboard box or a shoe box that can hold the size of your corsage. Place 1:2 ratio of borax and cornmeal into it. Remove the infected petals and leaves from the corsage. Removing leaves is your personal choice. Dust and rotate the corsage carefully into this mixture and make sure, the entire corsage is dusted with it. Leave the corsage into the same box and leave it in a dark room for about three weeks. Then take it out and dust off the excess dry materials carefully without dropping any parts of the fragile corsage. Now all you have to do is display it beautifully in a shadow box in your bedroom or keep it in a lovely glass box inside your closet.

Exhibit your Corsage to Cherish the Moment

Preserve the Flower Corsage

You can use a shadow box which is a little deeper box to hold the corsage. The dimensions can vary depending on the size of your dried Corsage. You can paint it to match the flower color. Place the corsage inside it and stick to the background. You can also include the event invitation, a love note or a photo to the shadow box if you wish. On the contrary to shadow box, you can also use a glass box and place the keepsake on your display rack in the living room far from kids. Hang it in your most viewed wall and enjoy the moment each time you look into it.

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