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How To Clean An Office Correctly Step By Step

How To Clean An Office Correctly Step By Step?

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An office is a place where the traffic of people is very high, so the accumulation of dirt also increases.

In our work, we spend most of the hours of the day, and that is why it is essential that our office be clean and follow hygiene criteria.

Therefore, the most common is to hire a cleaning company specialized in knowing how to clean offices. So that the work is done most professionally and meticulously possible.

Following a clear cleaning protocol and adapting the techniques and products to the types of surfaces and materials is essential so that the result is as expected. So that your office is always shiny, we give you some cleaning tricks. Take note because we are going to show you how to clean your office step by step.

Floor cleaning

The pavements of an office receive many footsteps at the end of the day, so it is very reasonable that they are trampled or even some crumbs from the lunch sandwich or the snack donuts. No matter how neat the employees are, it is challenging for the floor to not end up dirty at the end of the day.

The broom is not usually a handy tool in these cases since it is straightforward to leave some rest. The mop is more recommended as it traps the dust better and captures all the dirt.

Leave the floor free of debris is essential to be able to scrub later and leave it clean. If it is a ceramic surface, it is best to use the usual cleaning products such as bleach, mop or ammonia depending on the dirt and preferences of each person. If, on the other hand, the floor is wooden parquet it is convenient to do without products, better to scrub only with water or a pinch of the soapy product or hand soap.

When we find carpeted floors, the best solution is to vacuum since removing dirt on this type of surface is a more complicated task. With certain periodicity should resort to specialized cleaning machines based on techniques of injection-extraction or dry foam.

Furniture cleaning

In an office there is a large volume of furniture, tables, drawers, cabinets, cabinets, shelves. so dust is the main enemy of these spaces.

The dust gives a feeling of dirt and neglect and does not convey a good image of the company. That is why it is so important to perform regular maintenance and remove all dust accumulated in furniture.

Depending on the material of the furniture, a different type of products will be used, but generally, the cleaning of the furniture must be done first with a duster and then with a chamois on which the appropriate cleaning solution is poured.

In the case of wooden furniture, only with a damp cloth, you can obtain an optimal result, and it is better to avoid embellishments and spray as they make the wood lose its original appearance. When the wood is already severely damaged, it is also recommended to hydrate it.

In no case is it recommended to apply the cleaning solution directly on the furniture as it could damage it.

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How To Clean An Office: Chairs And Upholstered Surfaces?

In the offices, the chairs and armchairs are the most common furniture and in most cases to increase the comfort of workers and visitors is committed to upholstered furniture, which requires a special cleaning protocol.

In the first place, it is essential to vacuum the upholstered area every day to remove all the dirt and prevent it from accumulating.

It is also important to periodically clean it with specialized cleaning products for upholstery and from time to time resort to dedicated machines such as those indicated for carpeted floors.

Cleaning of computers, telephones and electronic devices

What is an office without computers? Almost all the employees of an office have them with which they work all day. They continually touch the keyboard, the mouse, the printer, talk on the phone … so they are an excellent source of germs, and their cleaning is crucial.

The first step to know how to clean an office regarding computers and electronic devices is to disinfect them every day to prevent bacteria from being a problem for employees and then keep them clean with a cleaning pad and cleaning products. Just do not apply the product directly on the device as it could be damaged.

In the case of the monitors, the cleaning technique is unique since they are very fragile and some products can be harmful to their maintenance or can even scratch them.

The best way is to use a unique duster and ballets for this surface with specialized products for screens.

After having sanitized the entire office, one of the daily tasks for cleaning is to remove the garbage and order the office material that we find on the tables as an order image is very positive for any company and also facilitates the work of employees.

If you want cleaning professionals, who are expert in cleaning office and are responsible for leaving your workplace in perfectly hygienic conditions. Contact us and consult our services.

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