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The Newspaper As An Ecological Herbicide

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In today’s article you will learn how to use newspaper as a herbicide. If you have an urban garden or a lawn, you will be interested to know this trick to get rid of the plants known as weeds. Without having to use any chemicals or damage our environment. Only using old newspapers!

How does it work?

It is as simple as it seems, it does not require maintenance and the process is quite fast. Choose a day with little wind to begin our project against weeds with separate newspapers. We will begin to cover the ground with several layers of pages.

If we have plants that we are interested in conserving, we will surround them with the newspaper leaving them total freedom. Once we finish covering the whole area with the newspapers, we will apply a good irrigation on these. If you see waters and very moist areas do not worry, little by little the surface water will filter until you reach the ground.

Once all the paper is wet, we will cover everything with a layer of soil of about 5 centimeters. It is important not to leave any empty area.

Once the newspaper is soaked, you should cover everything with a layer of soil or mulch of 6 centimeters. As the days go by, the newspaper will end up with weeds but will not prevent nutrients from falling to the ground and accumulating in the soil.

Ecological advantage

Because paper is made from an organic element. It will break down and it will come great to the earthworms of our soil. As they are important for good soil quality, nothing better than having them happy. If we do not have old newspapers, we can use cardboard.

Is not the ink a problem?

In the late 1980s, even lead-based inks were used, pigments that began to be replaced until they were free of chemicals. Nowadays, the inks have a base of soybeans or carbon, completely compatible with organic and ecological cultivation.

How do you prevent weeds from growing?

It is very simple,  prevents weeds from emerging and end up dying by depriving sunlight. In the same way the seeds are unable to germinate and those that do not usually manage to come to the surface because the newspaper prevents it.

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