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Himalayan Salt Lamps – Home Décor That Can Better Your LifeStyle

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When it comes to lighting solutions for one’s home, people always look for the most aesthetic lights money can buy.  However, with the introduction of Himalayan salt lamps, you can not only have lights that are aesthetically pleasing for your eyes but lights that have health benefits too! That’s right, these Himalayan salt lamps are much more than what meets the eye. I’ll try and explain the science behind this theory without putting you lot to sleep.

The Science Bit

Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic in nature, this means, they have the ability to attract and absorb water molecules from the surrounding environment. These water molecules collect toxins, dust and other impurities from the air. As a result, when the water molecules are absorbed, so are the toxins.

These salt lamps also release negatively charged ions into the air to counter act the positively charged ions. This helps create a better balance within your living space as too many positively charged ions can be harmful.

With their hygroscopic nature in mind, let’s get into how these benefits come about from these lamps.

  • Cleansing The Air Around

This is easily the most famous health benefit of Himalayan salt lamps. In fact, this is the very reason they gained popularity. As mentioned above, the water molecules get absorbed with the impurities present in the air still within. When turned on, the impurities stay within the salt crystals as the water molecules are released back into the air.

  • Help Reduce Allergies & Asthma Symptoms

Most asthma symptoms are worsened by microscopic particles such as dust, mold and other impurities. As mentioned above, these salt crystals absorb such particles from water molecules present in the air. As a result, keeping at least one or two salt lamps in your bedroom is bound to reduce the symptoms significantly. This reduction in symptoms of allergies and asthma brings me conveniently onto the next benefit.

  • Sleep Like A Baby

The positively charged ions mentioned above can rob you of quality sleep as these ions reduce blood flow and oxygen supply to your brain. This in turn, results in irregular sleep patterns. So, not only will placing Himalayan salt lamps in your room help reduce allergies, it will also help you sleep like a baby. 

  • Helps In Better Functioning Of Lungs

As these salt crystals have the ability to absorb impurities from the air around you, they subsequently help reduce the frequency of your coughs. Especially if you stay in a highly polluted city. Plus, the negative ions released by these lamps help better the functioning of your lungs. Thus, helping you absorb and retain oxygen better than before.

  • Keeps Electromagnetic Radiation In Check

Literally all electronic devices give off some amount of electromagnetic radiation. From cell phones and televisions all the way to the wiring within and outside your home. Long term exposure to such energy fields can cause headaches, hallucinations and other symptoms. The negative ions released by these salt lamps help balance out the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Especially if they’ve been placed next to the above-mentioned electronic devices and wiring.

So, next time you’re looking to bring home some lamps or lights for home décor, head online and search for Himalayan salt lamps. Even if you don’t believe the health benefits, the sheer beauty and warm glow given off by these lamps will surely win you over.

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