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Is Hike plans to beat WhatsApp? Check here..!

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In the past decades, people have used the telegram, landline connected phones and fax for the long distance communication. It available in rare places so common people struggled to convey a message to others. After the introduce phones in the market the people started to use Short Messaging Service (SMS). It is the two-way communication like sending and receiving the message. When the smartphones reach to everyone the messaging app usage get enormous development. We can message with the persons who are in the phone book address it is based on the mobile number.

Inauguration of Hike

Hike Messenger is an India-based app launched on 12 December 2012. It is a cross- platform instant messaging service for the smartphones. It uses the internet service for the communication. In addition to the text messages, images, videos, voice messages, contacts, user location and especially graphical stickers can send using this app.

Hike’s Features

The two-way chat themes option in Hike allows the user to change according to the person relationship and also to their mood. Limited chat theme but a user can set their own theme. The Hike has five thousand plus graphical stickers apart from the images videos and files. Many of the stickers pack can be used across the geographical features but most of them based on the Indian features. The stickers are available in multiple Indian languages. It allows the user to ping their receiver by providing the option of “nudge”.

The application feature of the stickers suggest some stickers which would best reply for the sticker messages. Hike introduced the voice call which can use by the users. This provides a free call to the user in 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi across the global two hundred global countries. Hike launched a free group call with up to hundred people at a time as a conference call. It provides some coupons for the users discount over hundred brands as they tie with them. This makes the users to often purchase in the coupon related brands.

It provides a hidden mode in private chat and also in group chat to maintain privacy. The daily quotes and the facts send to its users. Various games are available on the hike we can play with our friends also. The timeline features of the hike allow the users to share their photo, status to the friends on the hike it is similar to the facebook timeline features.

Concerning Payment platform in Hikes

The hike was planning on launch a new feature of new payment mechanism that will be linked to the government- back Unified Payment Interfaces (UPI). If the app introduces this feature, it will be the first app in India with this type of ability. The user will be able to make a digital transaction using the app. But the hike messenger refused the comment of talking with one of the Indian banks to handle the back end features. If it launch in India then it may compete for the facebook who owns the Whatsapp.

It has planned to launch the option of payment based on UPI and BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) transaction in its app in India in next six months, according to the report. Because it considers India is the biggest marketplace in the world with two hundred million users of the app. Whatsapp may launch the peer to peer payments within the app and also provides digital payments like recharging for mobile phones. These features have a lot of resemblance with WeChat, the Chinese app backed by the Tencent.

The Government of India launched the BHIM- Aadhaar or Aadhaar play app. It helps to authenticate of a customer’s biometric details which attached to the Aadhaar account through the fingerprint scanner. They also try to link with the bank details of a customer. In order to provide cashless transactions many payment apps like Whatsapp, Truecaller, Hike and even several wallet apps like Paytm ties with the Government structures. This allows to access even using or even without using the internet.

When the payment service in live, Hike may be the largest UPI- based payment platform in India. In worldwide, around ninety percent of the users are in India, it makes the strong base for this app of payment method. In further service may be added to this app learning from WeChat and QQ chat. These apps are having more number of users in China which allows them for the shopping, use the partner services, and transaction.

Attributes of Payment option

The coin icon available in the hike app helps to transactions. If we send the coin to our friends then the amount will transaction to our friend in their account. This coin is completely free for all. Their proposal connects the human race one step further they have tied up with the Central Federal Reserve Bank to enable free cash transfer method to all Indian villages and cities. In future, they will tie up with the Indian Central ID Commission to enables this features via hike. Even though certain transactions are charged, they gave assurance that the service of the transaction will be completely free after complete in financial inclusion.

Majority of people in India don’t have any credit or debit card. Suppose if they have a card, they don’t like to open mobile apps or websites. Even they do in app many apps doesn’t work well.

How to deposit money in Hike?

Hike app helps us to solve such problems by the new patent pending technology. This technology helps us to detect the image of the currency note and ping the Central Federal Reserve Bank’s server to check whether it is a valid note or not. Then convert the image to digital currency as hike coin and invalidates the physical note through the Central Federal Reserve Bank’s server, it makes the currency as the illegal tender. We can alternatively enter the serial number of the currency then the app will automatically detect the amount and add it.

Now a doubt will rise in our mind that if the already used currency note used or involved some moral practice how we can avoid it? The Hike team maintains a SWAT squad on standby and army of constables with their disposals. In case if they detect a person using converted banking note being used, they will arrest the person who uploads it and mark it as a criminal offense. So make sure that once we upload an image of the note in the system, don’t think to use it again. Otherwise, they will come to our location to arrest if we did any moral practice.

Final thought

Hike has nearly two hundred million users in India that is totally ninety percent of its users in the world. So it likes to move the human race one step forward by introducing the payment features in the Hike app. Successfully, it ties up with the Central Federal Reserve Bank of India to help this features reach all Indian villages and cities. By converting the physical currency note to digital currency reduce the stress of common people in India from theft and robbery. The messaging apps found that the India is the biggest market with the two hundred million users. Though many people have credit and debit card they don’t like to open and enter the card. If they used it won’t work properly. Hence this makes the people lead their life easily.

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