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Is it healthy to wear tight underwear?

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Most people aware very well to wear clean clothes, but few stop to think if they wear underwear too tight. Research shows that underwear that is too tight can affect health in the areas of movement, continence and reproduction. As part of your health regimen, pays as much attention to how your underwear fits, as you do it the way it looks.


Men: sperm count

Wearing tight underwear to men who plan to become parents is not recommended. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in England, conducted a study on the way of life and found that very tight underwear causes the sperm to move less. Smoking and drinking alcohol has the same effect, but in a smaller dimension. Research suggests that modern styles cause the number of sperms decreases. Tight underwear increases the temperature around the scrotum, which can cause decreased sperm production. There are several factors that influence health and the number of sperm; one of them is a stable body temperature.


Women: not inconvenienced

Dr. Keri Peterson, a specialist in internal medicine who lives in Manhattan, says that women should be very careful with the way the underwear feel them. Peterson, panelist News Service Share Care, says women who use too tight undergarments may experience discomfort. Tight underpants can put pressure on the stomach and cause reflux into the esophagus, which will experience the syndrome of “heartburn” caused by acidity. Moreover, the very tight undergarments that are fastened below the hip can decrease blood flow to the top of the thighs, which cause irritation, tingling and numbness.


The wrong thong

Sopesa sensuality and style that can give you a thong, in counterbalance with the detriments that could bring to your health. The consultant of the journal “Health”, Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, writes in one of his columns to choose a thong is to go against common sense. His advice: Use them only for a limited time as those contribute to cause vaginal infections if they absorb and spread bacteria. Loose underwear, however, reduces that possibility. Consider, before you decide to use it, maybe a thong will cause irritation.


Be ventilated

Loose underwear reduces the pressure on the abdomen.

Used underwear that you do not tighten. This way you will look after the health of your reproductive organs, as that region of the body needs to stay clean stay ventilated and be able to defend against infections and irritations. Research suggests that use tight during exercise can increase body temperature and promote increased moisture and unwanted bacteria underwear.

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