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happiness in children

8 Keys to enhance happiness in children

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How to awaken and promote happiness in children. Wellbeing, indifference, security and tranquility are some situations that can clearly define happiness.

Getting our children to be happy children is one of our main goals, although it is not always easy to get. Having a happy child should be the purpose of parents and teachers and the whole society. Is your child happy?

How to teach your children to be happy

For the psychologist Silvia Álava, 50 percent of happiness is due to genetic factors, 10 percent to the lived circumstances, and 40 percent to emotional activity we can learn to control to be happier. That is, that happiness is also learned.

Based on studies by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky and Maria Jesus Alava Reyes, psychologist has developed a series of rotating activities supported by basic guidelines that help enhance happiness in children.

Learning to be happy

The work aims to promote gratitude, kindness, teamwork, communication, integrity, and do activities with the children. In addition, during a children’s activities and educational video on the advice will be played to enhance happiness in children. For the project, there are eight keys of childhood happiness:

Be kind.

Friendly children experience more satisfaction and energy, are more affectionate and pleasant and enjoy social acceptance.

Give thanks.

Gratitude promotes mental stability and enhances the growth of children. More children value what they have and to their environment.

Be positive to happiness in children.

Children educated in a positive environment are safer and believe more in themselves. They have more control over your mind.

Do not label.

Avoid labeling children. You say “you’re wrong”, “you are weeping,” predispose them to shape their attitude to fit this profile.

Do not dramatize.

We must give fair value to things and situations. We must extinguish behaviors such as hitting, insult or disrespect.

Personal Achievement.

Children are happier if they achieve their goals on their own merits. We must encourage them in this regard.


Encourage children’s independence, enhance self-esteem, security and self-confidence.

Emotional Intelligence.

Children must learn to control and regulate their emotions to solve problems peacefully. That creates tranquility and harmony in character.

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