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Most safest to remove the implant par. Clinics baldness is our process uses the most modern implant called Follicular Unit Extraction hair (FUE).This unique process stays at hand, who wants to escape to a life of getting back his hairs.Procedural development in the past decades and today was accessible to all those who think to escape baldness.

Hair transplant became possible after it was discovered that the hair roots from the center of the head are much more sensitive to the action of androgens, than the cephalic and parietal area. This is possible by the Hair Transplantation in Islamabad.

Because of this cephalic region is used as the donor through the process hair transplant can one hair on the scalp surfaces without FUE transplanted surfaces do not react to the damaging action of androgen and remain permanently implanted surface.Before the implant, to establish correct the causes of hair loss, it is necessary consultation with a medical specialist!



The Graft is the smallest unit of tissue that can be extracted with a needle from the donor and FUE consists of a cylinder of tissue containing 1-2-3-4 hair roots. After the graft implant so many hairs will grow many roots contained graft.On average a graft contains 2-2.5 yarn threads dint par.Normally a graft vary depending on hair color and density of the yarn Donor, those with black hair that number is higher in those with blond or red number 1-2 grafts yarn is greater.


Call the Donora area of ​​scalp where hairs are extracted for transplant!Donor area before surgery is clipped to 0 because only this way can properly remove the wires.


Is the line separating the front of the skull covered with hair. It has a distinct form in men and women. Hair implant is particularly important determining exactly correct hairline.Hairline after implant should not have an artificial, must comply with the anatomy of the head. Relations of hairs is not a geographical line continues, but a zigzag imitating natural hair image had previously.


Preparing the head

Before hair removal is necessary vocational training area CEFA (Donora area).This means that the hair must be trimmed to zero cephalic, where ladies hair cutting is done so that the hair remained fully covered the surface in question.

Extraction hairs

In Hair Transplantation Extra hair is in a prone position on the belly of the patient on the operating table (like a massage bed), after previously anesthesia, locals. FUE is cut to a depth of cloves millimeters scalp after which the tweezers remove graft. Grafts taken place get a liquid cooled, are selected and counted.

Implantation hairs

Phase implantation of wires is lying down on his back after a preliminary cleaning and disinfection. After local anesthesia with a needle to make small pockets, pocket in which is implanted one by one using implanted grafts with hairs. It is very important that your operators consider the angle and direction of hair growth, essential for natural-looking hair growth implanted.

Performance of the days of implant surgery

  1. Patients must be present at clinic morning at 9
  2. Before starting the operation is doing a medical consultation, the number of threads planned prior to implant and give information about the ongoing operation
  3. Registration of medical history and completing the patient forms
  4. The Donor area is clipped to zero
  5. It will numb the area Donor
  6. Extracting grafts
  7. In extracting the hairs are short breaks
  8. After the lunch break begins implanting wires
  9. After lunch until evening depending on the number of yarn ends implantation.

The successful treatment through all the mentioned techniques is possible through Hair Transplant Centers in Islamabad.

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