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Different Types Of Haircuts For Long Hair

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Having long and healthy hair is a good sign both for your health and also for your style. Everyone loves flaunting their long locks and it’s not just limited to women. Even men and kids love to have long hair that they can style in so many different ways as they like. When men have longer locks, they look sexy. However, they have to be well cared for. So, if you can take care of your hair, you can grow them as long as you might want to.

And, if you are interested in growing your hair long but don’t have any idea of which hairstyles you need to adopt, just don’t worry as there are plenty of them around. Be it the toddler boy haircuts or you’re interested in haircuts for long hair that suit perfectly to adults, the options are endless. Here we have listed a top few of them to give you an idea of exactly how you can style your long hair.

  1. Twist-In Bun

When it comes to different types of haircuts for long hair for men, most of them feature a long mane. This one, however, is perfect for anybody looking to work it around to form a ponytail. It features two sections that are loosely divided and twisted, and joined to form a sort of low pony. To achieve the final look, they’re twirled to make kind of a sloppy knot. If you want to make it even better, just allow the tips of hair to stick out.

  1. Shoulder Length Side-Parted Hair

As for long hairstyles for boys, it’s the look that will add some sort of maturity to a carefree vibe. To achieve the look, you’ll need a deep indistinct side part while sweeping a major chunk of your hair to a side. And, with disheveled hair trending, you can even wear the look on some formal event.

  1. Braid-Into-Bun Men’s Hairstyle

This one really is a complex style which needs some personality as well. To achieve the look, the hair is first shaved into a V-shape. Afterwards, it is worked into inverted French Braid bottom up. In the last step, the braid is tied back to form a beautiful bun. Though it needs some hard work, but it’s completely worth it.

  1. Side-And-Back Swept Mane

If you have thicker hair, you’d love to pull this hairstyle off and there won’t be any issues along the way. Just wash the hair, towel dry it, and just finger comb the hair to achieve the look. The look is completed with side parted hair at hairline while sweeping larger hair chunk to a side.

  1. Braids And Bun With Side Undercuts

This hairdo is where the punk gets both a hip-hop and hipster look. For anyone with longer locks and side undercuts, you can get this hairdo by French braiding several hair sections and working really close to your scalp. In the end, just pull your hair back to form a classic bun.

  1. Long Side-Swept Hair With Undercut

If you have thick and wavy hair, this is the look for you. Rather than cutting your hair short and getting a conventional haircut, just let the hair fly freely on top. And for those unkempt, messy curls, apply some mousse or another curl enhancer appropriate for your specific hair type. With such a styling product, your hair will look textured and piece-y rather than unruly and frizzy.

  1. Swept-Back Layered Hairstyle

If you have that unruly image of long hairstyles in your mind, you should probably rethink it. Long hairstyles for men can definitely be more cool and sophisticated. Just like this shoulder-length hairstyle having soft layers, you can always go long with no need to go overboard.

So, if you have been on the lookout for some of the best haircuts for long hair, one from the above list would do it rather nicely. Just make an appropriate choice according to your personality and type of hair.

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