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Decorate Your Home With Indoor Plants

How To Decorate Your Home With Indoor Plants?

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To beautify a home you do not need to spend a fortune on objects and furniture. With plants, you can set any space. The best options are in this article.

The feeling of relaxation that plants bring inside the home is indescribable. Varieties there are many and each one has its own charm. The pleasant aroma of orchids or lilies of peace, the greenery of the ribbon or porcelain flower and the beautiful colors of African violets, will not only lift your spirits, but will bring a fresh and natural touch to your home.

If you evaluate their different benefits, you will see that they are worth integrating with your environment. The plants purify the environment, balance and humidify the air, improve people’s mood, favor breathing, absorb harmful gases, reduce static electricity, help to release stress and increase the performance and concentration of people.

In addition, its decorative value is very important. So much that many design companies devise new ways to integrate them into furniture. Glass tables on pots, chairs with vines on the legs and shelves with grass paths, are seen in countless magazines as part of a decorative proposal that gives value to the vegetation. Artists, above all, have focused on creating practical, functional and beautiful objects under a concept of environmental conservation that promotes the use of what many of them have called “living furniture”.

How to choose indoor plants?

If you want to join the trend of floral decoration, you should consider several aspects. But one of the most important is the type of plant you will use, since that depends on your attention. Some need natural lighting, ventilation, pruning and irrigation, while others are less demanding with their care, hence the time you can spend is another factor that you must contemplate to get your choice right. It will not do you any good to fill your house with bushes, if they will look withered and sad. Good are the ferns, cactus, palms, bamboo, jade tree, elephant foot, chef and aloe vera, but there are many more. If you are passionate about flowers, you can consider begonias, bromeliads, anthuriums, kalanchoes and amaryllis. Actually, the options are too many.

Think well of the place you will give him. Although any corner would appreciate “presenting” a beautiful plant, the corridors, halls, kitchens and bathrooms are the best areas for them. However beautiful they may look, the rooms are not ideal places. Because during the night they tend to consume oxygen and to expel carbon dioxide. Better, put them on the dining table, next to the living room sofa, under the staircase, on the counter, the sink, the window, on a shelf, as a divider of rooms, but never in your room.

A striking idea is the arrangement of a panel on the wall covered with climbing species. If you add lights or illuminate with lamps, you will see that the result is charming. Make sure the mural is on a white base and, if you like, combine it with wood. I assure you that many will admire this initiative.

Question of trends

The exotic plants, with fine stems and without flowers, look good in marble pots, with a good portion of white stones on the ground. This type of plants are perfect to put in bathrooms.

Keep in mind that the placeyou choose will enhance the innate beauty of the plant. There are square, round, elongated, cylindrical … with textures and different shades. You must select it according to the decorative style and the size of the plant. Mix glass vases of different designs and heights, is a way to make the setting more dynamic. Especially if you have them on top of a vintage chest. Bet on white flowers such as freesias, gladioli, coves and lilies, and you will be surprised at what you will get.

A tendency at this moment are the bulbs planted in water and containers of transparent or grayish glass, of narrow mouth. They are simple, but very striking. Put them in your living room and check day by day what their growth is.

What is the best indoor plant?

If you do not have much light, an ivy can be great. Spray it from time to time and you will enjoy its splendor for a long time. The rib of Adam is another alternative quite appropriate for the interior. Since it does not need more care. In addition, the shape of its leaves, broad and divided, is curious to everyone’s eyes.

It is one of the most resistant plants. For her it is indistinct if she is in the shade, in full sun or in extremely dry environments. It adapts practically to all environments. It is even said that the less case you lend, the better your development will be.

For portals and corridors, it is better to buy an aspidistra. Even in the darkest area, it will grow, and it will not affect you if you spend five days without watering it. She is quite a warrior.

If you like, the dracaena do not hesitate to choose it. Due to its long, narrow, green leaves and reddish edges, it is highly demand-able plants. But, also for its ability to remove contaminants from the air, and reside in areas of low light.

There are so many to choose from, that dozens of texts like these would be required to describe them all. The main thing here is that you love to decorate with indoor plants. Your peace and tranquility will seduce you. Its different benefits will end up convincing you. There is no doubt.

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