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creative recycling

Five Ideas help to creative recycling

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Did you know that creativity can work from old products that no longer use? And at the same time contribute to responsible consumption, a practice which you can optimize the resources of your home and consume with conscience. So today we give you some ideas for creative recycling: will surprise its originality and also how easy it is put into place. Let’s do it!

Creative recycling ideas

Plastic bottles and pots

If you are thinking of creating an urban garden, you can avoid buying pots and contribute to save energy using empty plastic bottles. With a cutter you can cut them in half, make a small cut at the base so that water can drain, and fill dirt to plant your own. In addition, an urban garden is a great way to grow your own food and start an activity that not only helps the environment, but to your physical and mental development. What do you think about the idea?


Do not waste your cables

Does it happen that when you put it in a drawer always leads eventually wound? Avoid it using cardboard toilet paper or kitchen to introduce into each wire and thus forget about those nasty tangles. Paint them for a touch of color!


Packaging for pasta and vegetables

This idea will allow you to save space and keep these fresh longer. How? Using plastic bottles, for example, soft drinks, and rice, chickpeas or paste them always at hand. With water-based paint you can decorate them out for more creative work and with a permanent marker to identify them to know its contents at all times.


Vases with bottles

It is the classic way of creative recycling from glass bottles. The paint can to turn them into great bottles and decorate your home in an original and different way. Do you dare to unleash your creativity?


Yogurt cups and glass candle holder

One function of these vessels can be to function as a centerpiece. Just wash them well and place a candle inside to reflect light throughout the room. Fantastic for family reunions or to surprise your friends when you visit!


The importance of creative recycling

A good way to spend an unforgettable time with family and give a second life to products that no longer use is through creative recycling. So in this post you get some ideas that may interest you and that you can easily carry into practice. If you want, you can also take a look at any DIY guide where you will find step by step examples to make amazing crafts that you’ll love.


Save energy is one of the action points now, small daily actions with great impact on our environment! more to read on Google Books

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