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Creative Ideas To Decorate The Wall

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If you are one of those who do not adapt to traditionally painted color walls, this post is for you. We present four original ideas to decorate your wall in a different way:

With words or phrases

Create a tracing drawing on paper or vinyl with the phrase you want and then put it on the wall. It is very simple. You just have to be careful and fix the template very well. Therefore, there are no spaces where the paint can be filtered.

With stripes or geometric shapes

With the help of a measurements tape, you can define the drawing you want to make on the wall, either by drawing verticals or by drawing geometric figures such as triangles or trapezoids. Next, color the created spaces and then remove the ribbon. You can play with the colors and combine them with the furniture in the room to have a different finish.

With blackboard

Include blackboard on the wall always gives a lot of play, as it assumes a blank sheet every day to give free rein to imagination and creativity, and can be erased and changed as many times as we want. You can use the entire wall, or just one part, creating figures that stand out from the rest of the wall.

With brick

If you have always liked the trend of the wall in brick, but you do not want to do works to get it … you can recreate it!

You just have to paint the bottom of the wall in white or gray. That match with colors of cement. Then, draw lines with measuring tape to delimit the space of where the bricks will be. To make it real, you can make the bricks shorter on the wall ends. With a spatula, apply to the wall to give a little volume to each brick.

When the paste dries, paint the surface. You can use reddish and brown tones if you want to imitate the traditional brick or you can choose something more original and choose other tonalities.

Do you want to decorate your house with Chalkboard Wall?

Chalkboard Walls have become fashionable at present now, and there is no good reason why you should not include them in the decoration of your home.

These walls are impressive and combine practically in any environment of your home. In addition, you can unleash your creativity in them. To finish your walls you will need at least two or three layers of special Chalkboard paint.

-In the kitchen

Having a Chalkboard Wall in the kitchen can be very useful. You can write down the recipes of your meals or simply write the ingredients that you need to be able to buy them in the market.

-In the dining room

It gives a different touch and atmosphere to the place where you share dinner or lunch with your loved ones. In that wall you can write inspiring phrases or simply according to the decoration of the room.

-In the living room

Having a wall of this style in your living room may be unconventional, but it will undoubtedly be the attraction of your home. In addition, if you have a meeting you can be the subject of many games.

-In the bedroom

There is no better idea than to place this type of wall in your children’s playroom or in your bedroom. With it, you can develop all your creativity and draw everything that comes to mind without damaging the rest of the walls of the house.

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