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common problems with your partner

9 common problems with your partner (and how to fix them)

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An old acquaintance, the penis. Or maybe not. That part of the body that many are examined in the mirror and others have been measured with a ruler, it can also be a great unknown. Peculiarities in the way or sudden problems in its operation raise questions such as: Will I have is normal? We reviewed the nine most common concerns (and what they mean).


Premature ejaculation may be due to psychological causes (anxiety, obsession with the problem, fear of not being a good lover …) but also be a symptom of diseases such as chronic prostatitis, thyroid problems or neurological ailments. Sexual popularizer Oscar Ferrani recommended ejaculatory control exercises, which help to know “erection mechanisms, mechanisms of excitation and the relationship between the tension of the pelvic floor and ejaculatory reflex”. Other options: condoms retardants and dapoxetine, a specific drug (prescription).

And last and last…

In 2008, researchers at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Erie (USA) established that 19 minutes is more than enough for a man discharged after a process of stimulation time. If you do not, we are talking about delayed ejaculation. A recent study by the Mayo and the University of Indiana (USA) Clinic notes that this problem may be an imbalance between the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the body during rest periods, and the sympathetic, which is responsible for the answer adrenal and cardiovascular during active periods. If due to anxiety and stress, experts recommend focusing on the sensations to forget the oppression.

Sagging alcohol

“Drinking provokes the desire, but prevents the execution,” wrote Shakespeare in Macbeth wisely. “Alcohol consumed in large quantities is a potent central nervous system depressant and causes low sexual, drowsiness and desire erection problems” explains Juan I. Martínez-Salamanca, a urologist at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital (Madrid). If this happens to you frequently the solution is simple: parked the bottle.

Curved Penis

It may be a simple anatomical feature or product zeal of its owner. “If you have very strong relationships can produce small cracks, unproblematic, in the corpora cavernosa,” says Sergio Fosela, coach and sex therapist and partner. Do not confuse this with a twisted by Peyronie’s penis, which translates into backplate (hardness) and bend up or lateral. One treatment, according to Dr. Martínez-Salamanca, “is injected into the plate a substance that dissolves”.


An ugly gesture, scratching go there. José Bustamante, a specialist in sexuality and family psychologist, remember that an insufficient toilet (especially when there is no circumcision) or simply change the fact soap can cause itching. The excess moisture from sweat, wearing tight underwear, some condoms material, the simple rubbing of the skin, a fungal infection and the action of certain bacteria also will make disturbance under pants. Almost always it solved by applying a cream and proper hygiene. If it persists, see your dermatologist to rule out sexually transmitted infection.


White liquid secretion from the penis can be a symptom of sexually transmitted infection; for example, gonorrhea, one of the most frequent. The secretion may be accompanied by an inflammation of the urethra (urethritis) or seminal duct and cause discomfort or burning when urinating and testicular pain. Any suspicion or symptom, there is no other to go to the doctor. “It is important to diagnose and treat this problem as it can affect the couple and the urethra,” warns Dr. Martinez-Salamanca.

That no “up”

Most men can solve erection problems, according to Martinez-Salamanca, changing their working habits and anxiety. If a change of lifestyle not reversed, we must speak with a medical professional. ¿Tablet? “The Viagra needs to have sexual arousal. If there is no sexual arousal, will not cause an erection, “says Fosela.


Usually hair follicles, sebaceous cysts or mild allergic reactions. All harmless and not contagious. Of course, there are sexually transmitted infections in which also appear bumps. Herpes can arise as a rash or a pimple, without any physical discomfort, or in the form of sores that itch and burn. Similarly, the human papillomavirus (HPV), “an epidemic of our time” in the words of Martínez-Salamanca, can cause genital warts. The optimum is left checked by a specialist.

Problems with the foreskin

Phimosis is a tightness of the foreskin that prevents retract said skin down and discover the glans completely. His famous treatment is circumcision, which involves cutting a portion of the foreskin that covers the glans, leaving him permanently exposed. The sooner you do, the better, insist the experts. A steroid cream, in some cases, is the alternative.

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