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How to choose the perfect bra

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Every time we turn to our lingerie drawer, we find a collection of clips of different shapes and colors, but always headed to one or two in particular, aware that the choice is the most comfortable. It is not like this?

Undoubtedly, the perfect bra is one that does the job and is like a second skin: soft, no spikes, do not press and not fidgets. Every time we go shopping, we fall into the temptation to prioritize the aesthetic and sexy about what we really need. Then we repent and ended up giving it away to a friend or sister turn.

This type of error is usually committed more easily in an age of between 15 and 25 years. From that moment we begin to be more practical, and tired of wasting money and being aware of the importance of wearing a bra fitting and well built. This will avoid many health problems, according to experts, simply click the ring that can cause skin problems, lumps of fat, backaches, migraines and postural strain.

Therefore, it is important that we start the sooner learn to avoid the most common mistakes we make when we acquire this type of clothing: bras, corsets, sports top, night fasteners, etc. Of course, quality and aesthetics need not be at odds. Marta Fernandez, creator of Bra Pillow gives us the keys to not make mistakes again.

Keys to choose the perfect bra

Determine the right size

Not all manufacturers carve alike. Often we meet with different garments that although we feel good, have different sizes. At this point we always arise doubts, right? To do this, nothing better to acquire specialized garments lingerie, where they have qualified to get you to solve all your problems staff.


The adjustment of the band around the contour of the chest should allow, once fastened, you can slip between the belt and back two fingers with ease but without excessive slack. This band is responsible for providing between 75-80% of the total support.


The suspenders are responsible for supporting the rest therefore must adjust properly without ever dig into the shoulders.

So the first band is set and then the straps. If you do it wrong, the band of the bra will rise, will bend towards the shoulder blades and towards the top of the back and fail to fulfill their supporting function because it no longer distribute the weight of the breasts properly.

Right Cup

Find the cup that fits the shape of your breasts. A small glass will cause excessive pressure on the bust, giving an image of a prominent chest and compressed ahead and overflowing at the sides. A very large cup cause, however, an awkward and unsightly empty.


The fastener hoop may be open or closed depending on the shape of your breasts. You cannot and must pass through the middle of the chest. An appropriate hoop should rest perfectly on the rib cage and pick up the breast, but do not have to dig or puncture.


The center of the fastener, i.e., the bridge between the two cups, must fit snugly to the sternum.

Appropriate Fastener

Purchase the appropriate fastener according to your needs: pregnancy, lactation, hormonal changes after having gone through a regime, reduction / breast augmentation, sport, depending on the work that you develop and always one to sleep to avoid falling breasts and wrinkles in the cleavage as Pillow Bra. Do not forget that the bust measurement may change until at least six times over the life of a woman.

When to buy

Avoid buying bras during menstruation because the volume of the breasts can vary, so it is advisable to have one specifically for those days.


Dispenses with seams, so they will not be marked through your clothes.


Do not use the same bra for several days, we should “let it rest” and allow the tissue to regain its elasticity.


The washing must be done by hand and should never use the dryer.

Apply these tips and your chest will remain firm, beautiful and healthy. Now that you have the ideas to choose the perfect bra, how about taking a look at this selection of nightgowns?

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