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How to buy on Amazon (explained step by step)

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Buy on Amazon will really help you save money and you can receive discounts on millions of products sold on the largest virtual shop on the Internet. When buying on Amazon you get the best discounts on your products and get excellent service when buying online. If you are trying to buy from Amazon, but do not know how to do it, this article will help you to do it without complications.

Amazon buying process

Buying in Amazon is easy. Just follow these steps. We have included most pictures possible so you can have more resources available to buy on Amazon by Internet:

Registering your account


Before you start shopping on this site, you must register an account with Amazon which you will see your orders, receive special offers and enjoy discounts from Amazon. If you have an account on Amazon, you cannot buy on this site.

Choose your products

Once you have your account ready to buy, you must find the products you want to buy. Follow these steps to choose the products they want to buy on Amazon:

  1. Visit this page to get started.

Click here to start shopping at Amazon

  1. In the search bar, located at the top, type the name of the product you want to search. Let’s say you want to buy a new laptop or notebook computer and the HP Pavilion model. Would write at the top: “HP Pavilion laptop” and press the Enter key to start looking for your product on Amazon.
  2. On the results page, select the product you’re looking for. This will take you to the details page, where you can see the price, shipping and product specifications. If this product you are looking for, click Add to Cart to add it to the shopping cart.
  3. Continue this process until you have in your basket all the products you want to buy.

Pay at Amazon is easy. After choosing the products you want to buy, just follow these steps:

  1. Click view your shopping cart
  2. Seeing your shopping cart, you will see all the products you are about to buy. Check prices are well and have no more than the quantities you want to order. On the right you can see the subtotal of your order (this amount still does not include shipping and taxes)
  3. On the shopping cart you will see the products of your order and subtotal (without shipping and taxes)
  4. To begin the payment process, click the button to the right Proceed to Checkout

Click on the Proceed to Checkout button to pay for your order from Amazon

How to buy on Amazon: How to pay for your order

  1. For safety, you can ask Amazon to confirm your mail address and password. Enter your information to continue the process.
  2. If this is the first time shopping at Amazon or do not have a shipping address, Amazon will ask you to select a shipping address. Here you must write the address where you want to receive your order. If you are outside the United States and you are using a locker or courier to shop at Amazon, writes the address with your necessary data.
  3. Once you write the address, you must write the information in your credit card or debit card with which you want to pay. You can also pay with a gift card (gift card) Amazon if you have one.

Like paying with a card on amazon buy on amazon step

When paying Amazon, you can with a credit card or debit card with a gift card and more

NOTE: If you are making a purchase with a credit card or debit card and the card address is different from the shipping address, you must specify the address of the card so that the order can be approved. You can change this address on the order summary page on Amazon, just below the card information on the Billing address section and click Change. This photo will help you do it without problems:

  1. After adding your credit card or debit card or Amazon gift card, you’ll see delivery options. Shipping options Amazon offers are:

Free Shipping – Free Shipping (takes 3 to 5 days to reach its destination)

Standard Shipping – Regular shipping (takes 3 to 5 days)

Expedited Shipping – Quick shipping (takes 1 to 3 days)

  1. After choosing a shipping method, check that the total order is according to your budget and click Place your order.

Before completing your order at Amazon, you must choose the shipping method and to click the button Place your order

  1. Once you complete your order, you will receive an email with confirmation and once the order has been processed you will receive another email notifying you that your order has been processed and shipped (this email will also have a tracking number that you can use to find the location of your package).

Congratulations! Now, you know how to buy at Amazon and have completed the order of your products. If you have any questions about buying on Amazon or do not understand something about the process of how to buy in this shop, leave us a comment at the bottom. If you already have experience buying on this site, share with us as you did and some tips for our readers also benefit.

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