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The Boba Carrier 3G – Supportive Healthy Child wearing – Buying Guides

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If you’re a parent that believes baby wearing is best, you have a lot of options when it comes to baby carriers. Front facing. Back facing. Wear on the front. Wear on the back. A lot of choices! Lucky for you the Boba Carrier 3G meets all of your needs, and most importantly, brings you and baby closer together while allowing the freedom move about your daily life, and on to your next great adventure. It’s ideal for babies and toddlers, allowing this baby carrier to grow as your little one grows, and with multiple adjustment points, anyone in the family can find the perfect fit.

Boba Carrier 3G, as all Boba products, is made to support the natural physical growth of baby. As an infant, the Boba Carrier positions the baby facing the parent, supporting its bottom, which actively encourages the baby to instinctively pursue the natural position. The babies growth could be hindered by facing outward, and there is no comfortable way for the babies’ head to lie if he falls asleep. With Boba Carrier, an inward facing baby carrier, the spine, head and neck are comfortably supported allowing baby to fall asleep against parent. And, there’s really nothing like the feel of a sleeping baby against your chest while you continue the discovery of your day.

As your baby grows into a toddler, Boba Carrier can be adjusted to fit additional height and weight needs. Your little one still faces you, which puts them in a natural seated position and keeps their legs at a 90-degree angle, to support the hips instead of dangling. Plus, it’s nice to see the smiling face of your little gal or little guy. Boba also offers footstraps that attach to our baby carrier that are a great way to continue 90-degree leg support as children grow taller and you can carry you baby product in backpack diaper bag.

With 2 very little boys reception with American state throughout the day, I knew that it simply wouldn’t continuously be attainable to be pushing a stroller–or hold a baby safely whereas chasing them around. I’ve been yearning for a soft pack carrier for the baby for for a while currently, however merely hadn’t been ready to decide that one I likeable best.  After a lot of research I had it narrowed down to three, one of which was the Boba Carrier 3G. So, when I was given the opportunity to try one, I jumped at the chance! I’m here to share my experience and opinion with you, so if you’re also looking, it might help you with some of the same questions that I had, and making your own decision.

When the time is right, Boba Carrier 3G can be worn on the back. Older children enjoy the “piggy-back” style of being carried, and you will enjoy knowing that there are being carried in a supportive manner. Your child is still close to you, in a supported seat position, and with the addition of footstraps, they’re in a cozy comfortable spot for outdoor exploration, backyard work, or world travel.

From newborn to toddler to tike, Boba Carrier 3G is a great method of baby wearing that moves with you, encourages togetherness, and allows parent and child to continue in the active lifestyle that makes them happiest. All while maintaining a supportive, healthy position for the child. Freedom together.

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