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Best Solar Light

Awesome Garden Solar Light For Your Sweet Backyard All Year Round

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To give an elegant touch to your green areas you need to have the best solar garden lamps. As they boost the space by providing a sense of careful lighting decoration and make it safer to travel the place.

There are certain doubts about using solar lamps. Some wonder about their lighting capacity. If these bulbs work the same as traditional electric lights, or what would happen if they were placed in a closed patio or in places where the sun hardly reaches, well, keep reading to know the all things.

These lamps work depending on the energy received by the sun. If the light bulbs get direct natural light with intensity; these lanterns will work to everything they give.

However, if the garden is more shady, the situation changes. But it is still possible to take advantage of them by placing a photovoltaic panel in a place where it is possible to absorb the most amount of sunlight energy. However in a more extreme case if the lanterns have ultra-limited access to the sun they will still work. Though, they will not illuminate very strongly for a long time.

Solar garden lamps are really a good option for lighting the garden. They are efficient and reduce electricity bills. On the other hand, they are eco-friendly and give a fascinating touch to your garden making it the envy of your neighbors.

What is the best garden solar lights?

When choosing it is important to know that, the cost is an important factor that generally determines the quality. So, if you think of investing in lamps with intense brightness that may not be so cheap. However, you can find economic models that can be ideal to fit your needs.

Know below the most outstanding models of solar lamps that will illuminate to beautify your gardens and represent a balance between good quality and affordable prices.

How do solar bulbs work?

The lamps capture the sun’s energy through panels and store electricity in rechargeable batteries that make the LED light up when it begins to darken.

Some devices integrate the panel, but others bring it separately. We can also find the lamps to be placed on the floor, mounted on the wall or even on the ceiling.

To maximize their performance, they must be located where they receive natural light. So that, after about eight hours, they have enough charge to be on all night with strong clarity.

Types of solar lights

It is enough to know your garden to illuminate. Know the right type to choose, and get an idea from the available ones:

Garden lights

They are mostly decorative with elegant design; they will provide a warm light between the plants or walkways and have an independent operation. Best solar lights also offer intensity and can apply with a projector that will direct light to specific places to make it more effective.


To coverage better and higher, you need more power to light. That are equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb.

Security lights with motion sensor

Some more advanced models have motion sensors. The most used in the front doors, porches or around the house and these will turn on automatically when they stop activity.

How to choose the best solar energy light for your home?

Best Solar Light

There are certain basic features that will take you to the most suitable for your garden spaces.


The bulbs brightness power measure by lumens; however, the radiance can vary from one light to another. To have an idea the lights that produce approximately 20 lumens generate a warm light. On the other hand you can find much larger, more than 700 lumens which will be super bright.

In a garden, generally, it is open space, an ambient light is acceptable, while in the surroundings, trails, or entrances may require stronger lighting.

In the case that you want to protect yourself from intruders or for safety when traveling and avoiding trips. The best thing is select powerful light and if possible with better sensors.


Some comes with lithium batteries that give the option of recharging when necessary. If you work with solar energy the intensity and duration of it depends on the capacity of the battery. On average use it can last up to 9 hours.


Most only turn on or off, but there are some models that can be graduated the level of brightness. As we mentioned before, other lanterns allow to focus the glare.

Lighting range

Depending on the manufacturer, the range of light can reach up to 10 feet. Most models reach about three feet. Therefore, if you are worried about this feature and want good light to make the site safe you could try to combine lights or place them in key sites.

These are the best places to place solar lights for garden

No need to give you so many diversions, the best places to place your solar lamps for garden are those that receive plenty of sunlight. Thus achieve the necessary energy charge so that the lighting lasts all night.

In this regard, experts say that exposure to the south is ideal.

Consider also that the devices are located at points where there are no obstacles, such as trees or structures, for example, which prevent direct exposure to the sun.

In addition, keep in mind the seasons. In summer, a lamp of solar light -with full charge- could illuminate for many hours during the night; while in winter, the issue becomes opposed. As the sunlight, duration is shorter and the nights are longer.

Apart from that, there is the possibility that the photo voltaic panel of the lamp is covered by snow. If so, it deserves to be cleaned regularly so that you can store energy during the day or keep the lamp inside your home during those white months.

The 6 reasons why best Solar Light are a good option

While – in essence – the benefits offered by solar lanterns for garden and electric light are the same when night falls: light and procure a plus to the security of your property, solar lamps provide six added values.

Best Solar Light 2018

They are more affordable and save

You are right. Many users consider that buying a best solar lamp for garden is the cheapest option in front of a lamp with cable. Not only for the device, but also for the future costs.

In terms of installation, for example, placing lights wired in a garden could bring fees to a professional electrician, as well as protection solutions for cables, connectors and switches, as well as several meters of additional cable for extensive areas.

Scenario that very opposed if you bet to install solar lamps for garden because you would not need cables or specialized personnel.

Finally, no need to mention that with the solar garden lamps you would save a electricity bill.

Offer greater flexibility

Because of their portability, solar garden lamps allow you to move from one place to another.

Of course, the matter depends on the model; but in general, you would have the possibility of distributing and arranging the lamps at your whim, either to decorate and / or illuminate specific areas in the garden or even in other locations.

They are very safe

Compared to electric lights, solar lamps are much less likely to cause a fire, as well as to cause other types of incidents.

For example, from stumbling with cables, to accidental cable cuts with a shovel or pruning shears.

They are friendly to the environment

In view of the fact that solar garden lamps work with a renewable energy source (solar) they do not produce harmful emissions to the environment; and therefore, they are a significant option to reduce carbon footprints that you could be leaving elsewhere.

They are ready to adapt your needs, choice and styles

There are so many models of solar garden lamps available in the market, whatever your tastes and / or requirements; you could easily find what you are looking for.

The large range shows from designs with classic style to very contemporary; even, there are brands that put tailor-made solar lamps at your disposal.

They are easy to clean and maintain

Due to their particularity of not being connected to any electrical network, solar garden lamps give you the possibility to clean and keep them as new without much risk of suffering a shock from those that leave anyone stunned for long little while.

Obviously, you should be aware of the manufacturer’s notes and follow the appropriate precautions. So that you do not get scared or cause any damage to the unit.

LED solar light for garden vs LED light with cable-which is better?

You are aware that not everything is rosy when technological innovations are concerned.

Despite the benefits offered by solar lanterns for garden are wonderfully wonderful, yes, there is a significant draw compared to their wired counterparts.

I am talking about the superior brightness that LED lights with cable are usually able to offer. Here, the solar lamps cannot compete.

However, manufacturers have opted for high-end solar lamps that provide brighter light. This is definitely good news, right?

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that installing LED solar lamps is a fast, easy and safe action. In addition, these devices are free to operate, give the possibility to accommodate them and rearrange them in the area of their own choices and are respectful with the environment.

If that were not enough, solar LED lights could even act as security lights, in case there are power outages.

How long does the lighting of a solar light last?

Once the daylight has faded and the sun set, usually a solar garden lamp is able to provide between 8 and 10 hours of illumination with a full charge.

Now, with regard to the duration of the other facts involved in this scenario. It is worth mentioning that each LED bulbs will illuminate up to 100,000 hours. The bad news is that they are not replaceable.

Concerning Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries, they could last up to two years approximately if you take care of them and usually give the possibility of the recharging.

If you want to obtain spare batteries, simply communicate with the manufacturer. They will give you the respective indications.

How to care for and maintain a solar light?

As a decorative element, it is necessary that you regularly remove the dust and / or mud of your solar lamp. So that it can absorb the necessary energy and its light can last all night.

In addition, during rainy or snowy seasons it is advisable that you store your lamp in a dark place and in the “Turn Off” / “Off” position.

Is an outdoor solar lamp resistant to the weather?

In practical, the answer is “yes”; however, despite the fact the solar lamps is designed to withstand all types of temperatures. It is necessary to bear in mind that for models that not include glass, it is not recommended to expose constantly in rain, snow or storms.

Keys to install garden lights easily, quickly and safely

The matter is so simple that it would make you dizzy with a “step by step”.

Of course, the policy will depend on the type of lighting you have selected.

For example, if it is a question of solar lamps, it generally advantages that you only push or screw the focus on the vertical pole. Then insert the whole set into the ground.

Of course, it is necessary to standardize the area where you are going to place the device. So that the ground is soft enough for the final action.

For the case of lamps with 12V cable, kit presents distribute of the units, lay the cable, connect the lamps to it, then to the transformer and verify that all the lights work. Finally, bury the cable in the ground.

If the option of a lighting kit does not convince you of everything, you could then buy individual 12V lights, the necessary meters of cable, a waterproof transformer and complete the all connections!

If you are specialists or have knowledge in electricity, bravo! but if not, it is advisable that you rely on the recommendations of a technician or hire one to do the last type of installation.

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