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Best Decoration for Your Fish Aquarium

Ideas to Choose the Best Decoration for Your Fish Aquarium

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Having an aquarium is a rewarding, fun and educational experience. Seeing the small, colorful lives swim in front of you in the form of fish. They are so fun to watch, and they absolutely will delight you with their funny personalities (yes, fish do have personalities). You will want to do your best to protect these creatures, and that means incorporating helpful and fun decoration pieces into your aquarium. Our suggestions will help you get some great ideas.

Best Decoration for Your Fish Aquarium
  1. Bubblers Ornaments

Having an aerator stone in your aquarium is key to make sure your fishes get the oxygen they need to survive. You can certainly make it more fun by extending the piece of airline tubing that goes down into the aquarium to a bubbler ornament. We spoke to Sarah of Aquacadabra and here are her personal picks for affordable and easy to use bubbler ornaments.

  • Penn-Plax Action Air Diver-This friendly old-fashioned scuba diver needs oxygen! Hook the tubing to him and see the bubbles come out.
  • Penn Plax Aerating Tropical Clam-Watch the clam open and close his shell when you hook up the hose. It is fun, and your fish will enjoy playing in the bubbles.
  • Penn-Plax Pirate Skeleton-Yikes, this guy got all the rum. Hook the hose up and watch him lift the jug to his mouth.

2. Pure Water Pebbles

Available in various pretty colors that match any decor scheme, these are all-natural pebbles that will provide ample space for good bacteria to move around. Plants can anchor themselves in here easily. Fish do best in neutral or warm color pebbles as it easier on their eyes.

These are coated with colorfast tones, so your water will not be impacted by them at all. You can use it in saltwater or freshwater tanks. You can even take any extra pebbles and use them in potted plants around your home. Be sure that you rinse them off before putting them into your tank, that way any excess dust is removed.

You can also choose the Cumberland River variety of the pebbles for added beauty in a more natural way-these feature a pretty, clear acrylic coating that looks so polished and clean. They are neutral colored, so your fish will feel right at home.

3. Ceramic Betta Log

If you like Bettas, sometimes called Siamese Fighting Fishes, you will do good to get them a betta log. It is a place where a betta can hang out and hide for a little while, helping him to feel safe and secure. The Betta will also enjoy sleeping there, too.

Your betta will enjoy it as it helps to relieve boredom and stimulates behaviors that would occur in the wild. It looks natural and cool without being tacky, and the betta can go in or out as he pleases due to the holes on either end of the log. Furthermore, if you own an elephant-nose fish, he will enjoy this as long as it is a fine hiding place. Elephant-noses require a hiding spot to feel safe and secure in their environments.

4.Marina Polyresin Cave Decor

This is a smaller cave piece but will provide a nice hiding spot for a fish to hide out and feel safe. Fish seek places to hide naturally, and this item does the trick nicely without interfering with water chemistry. You can look forward to a mossy, highlighted surface, and a nice plastic plant accessory on the side.

Do not purchase this if you have fish whose eyes can be harmed by plastic plans, like telescopic goldfish or celestials. Your fish will enjoy the safe space granted to them by this lovely material, your pleco will enjoy eating the algae on it, and it is super durable and will last you a good, long time.

5.Underwater Galleries Cichlid Caves

Got cichlids? They will love you when you present them with these cichlid caves. The stones are glazed by hand and look realistic, just like little caves. The fish will have enough room to go in and breed comfortably without disrupting the water.

Your fish will have something to do all day when they explore these caves, and you can use them for many fish: mollies, guppies, swordtails, platies, and more. They are hollow, so you can add as many as needed to your tank with no fear of water displacement. In this set, you will get fifteen caves that you can add to the tank wherever you see fit. They even look cool to boot!


Indeed, owning fish is one of the most rewarding pet experiences you will ever have. Watching your finned friends grow and play each day is one of the most fun things you will ever experience. Help make your fishy friends’ experience the greatest one yet by giving them an aquarium that will be the envy of the fishkeeping community. Pick out any one of these great decorations today and watch your aquarium come to life.

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