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The Battle of the Bugs: Tips of pest Control

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Bugs are the number one enemy of pest control and for good reason. These pests are unwanted trespassers to many homes that took many homeowners years to save up and pay for. If they want to call your home as their own, then you better prepare for war! Here are a few tips to follow to do your own pest control and win the battle against these bugs.

Do the Dishes

Any tiny crumb or sticky food spot in your dishes is enough to attract the pests to come; especially roaches and ant. So never get lazy to do the dishes and clean any area where there could be leftover crumbs

Use Airtight Containers

Of course, don’t throw out all leftovers! Maybe you and your family were just too full to finish half of the cake. For these foods, pet foods, and ingredients, you need to use airtight containers. These should be either glass or plastic. But if you don’t have enough of these, then putting them in the refrigerator should be enough.

Don’t rely on plastic bags or sealing bags because mice can easily chew right through these.

Refrigerate All Fruits and Veggies

This may be a hassle for those that don’t like their apples too cold. However, this is better than eating one that has been invaded by fruit flies. The other kinds of fruits and vegetables will also attract pests if left out in the open as well.

Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop

If you’re the type that likes to eat everywhere, then you should definitely vacuum, sweep, and mop your floor regularly. There could be small pieces of food that fall off of your plate or hand and onto the floor. If you have a carpet floor, then all the more you won’t see these. The pests can though! They will smell these and see your house as a food gold mine. What’s worse is that they’ll start to see it as their own home and start laying eggs there. If you won’t sweep, mop, and vacuum for the sake of cleaning, then do it for the sake of removing the eggs.

Basically, if the pests can’t smell your food and detect your water, then you won’t need to do much pest control.

Remove Standing Water

Just like humans, pests can go days without food as long as they have water. So if you leave standing water in your pots, sinks, showers, and bathtubs, you still invite pests over for a feast.

In relation to this, you should fix any and all leaks. Not to mention, a dark water cabinet is a great hiding place for pests. Add in water and it’s a livable habitat for them.

Seal Your Home

Any gaps or cracks in your home is a possible entry point to your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the base, floor, walls, cabinets, roof, etc. Grab some caulk and seal these up. It’s great, straightforward pest control method.

Key Takeaway

You won’t need to call in the pros in the first place if you maintain your home well and you have good cleaning habits. When it comes to pests, cleanliness is next to peacefulness.

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