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AIRPORT TRANSFER SERVICES- Who Does It Better- The Private Mini Cab Or Black Cab?

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Black cabs also called the Hackney carriages are the time-honored and long-established taxis of London, the ones you can hail on the road or pick up at an allocated taxi rank. Private Hire mini cabs are also licensed taxis (since 2001) and are taxis that you can hire with a driver only on a pre-booked basis either through the mini cab office, apps or e-mail. These mini cabs cannot be flagged down the road or taken up at a taxi rank, it is not legal for them to do so.


To start with, the black cab charges fares way more expensive than the fixed fares the mini cab operate on. Furthermore, black cabs- as said earlier- do not need to be pre-booked and you can pick them up on the street anytime; so on the occasion that you want to reach the airport for an important flight- will you pre-book a mini cab or get out at the last moment and hail one down the road. Sounds pretty risky. When it comes to the airport transfers, the mini cab firms are meticulously organized. Based on the flight details that the clients provide, the mini cab service tries to stay a step ahead by dispatching their driver’s on-time. This way it is ensured that you will not miss your flight.


The Private Hire mini cabs are equipped with the state-of-the-art GPS system making navigation through London’s traffic very convenient and easy and efficient. In this way it is made sure of that you travel to the airport without any hitch and hurdle.

In addition to that, as the Private Hire mini cab firms bring an assortment of cars to you, you can choose any vehicle and travel comfortably to any airport in the city, whether:

  • Heathrow.
  • Stansted.
  • Luton.
  • Gatwick.
  • London City Airport and more.

The variety of cars offered by Private mini cab firms include MPVs, Executive Cars, People Carriers, Saloon Cars, Estate Cars, Mini vans etc. And these cars are not only restricted to airport transfer services but can also be used for many other purposed like:

  • Transfers to all rail stations of London.
  • School and college run services.
  • Corporate day rentals.
  • Special occasion and event hires e.g. weddings, birthdays etc.
  • Full day London taxi hires.
  • Touring and sightseeing services.
  • Pick and drop service to all locations in the city.


Additionally, the Private mini cab firms follow a strict policy regarding fixed fares which are categorized as day to day hires, full day hires, half day hires and weekly hires. And they also do not promote any policies like increasing fares on any special occasions or holidays.

So with the Private Hire mini cabs you are getting airport transfers -along with meet and greet service -that is efficient and prompt. No need to worry about your car, leave it behind in the safety of your home and call up a mini cab.

You can book these Private Hire mini cabs online or can reach them through a call to the mini cab company. You can even visit the local mini cab office of the company.

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