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8 Things You should Know about Cleaning Tile & Grout

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Floor tiles look great when bought fresh from the store. However, they start looking dull after some time. Most of time, we don’t pay much attention to the cleaning and maintaining of tiles. Cleaning tiles properly is the best way to keep them looking great.

Here are some important things to about cleaning tiles:

1. Sealed Tiles

It is crucial to make sure the tiles are sealed well when installed. Remember that tile is porous. So sealing it properly will help keep dirt and grime out of it. Unsealed tile has a tendency to absorb any cleanser you apply on it. Harsh cleansers are harmful for tiles especially when it is absorbed. Professional sealing will protect the grout from absorbing dirt. This also extends the life of tile and grout. Make sure the grout is sealed too. It should be dry prior to a sealer is applied. Always use a sealer labeled as a ‘silicone-based’. Since sealers do not last forever, you should reapply these once in every two years.

2. Mop Water

Mopping with water is the best way to clean tile and grout. Always keep the mop and mop water clean. Make sure you change it out as soon as it gets dirty. Also change out mop heads as regularly as you can. Products with disposable floor wipes are also available on the market.

3. DIY Cleaners

Try preparing a tile cleaner at home. Mix vinegar with water and baking soda. This solution will help you clean tiles effectively.

4. Get Rid of Dirty Grout

Did you know, dirty grout is the major contributor to dirty looking tile? It is highly vulnerable to water and other spills on the floor. In most cases, liquids can enter deep down into the grout to result in stains. Additionally, grout is a common area of growing bacteria, mildew, and mold. Whenever you clean tile (weekly cleaning is a must), the dirt gets harder into clean areas of the grout. This leads to discoloration of the grout only to make the entire floor look dirty. So make sure you clean your grout as regularly you can to keep tiles looking fresh.

5. Call Professionals

The best way to clean tiles and grout is to call a professional. Most tile & grout cleaning services offer affordable yet immensely effective solutions to maintain your tiles in their best and beautiful state. They are trained and experienced in offering safer and the healthiest tile cleaning services. They will also use products that won’t harm your tiles and grout.

6. Techniques to Clean

There are a number of ways to clean dark-colored and light-colored grout. Start with finding a small brush (toothbrush) and a small scrub brush. Prepare a paste of white vinegar and baking soda for dark-colored grout lines. Now apply the mixture on grout lines using a toothbrush and allow it to set. Now scrub grout lines using the small scrub brush. Remove the vinegar and baking soda solution by using clean water.

For light-colored grout lines, you must use dry oxygen bleach. Simply sprinkle it on the grout lines. Now wet down the grout with a spray water bottle. Allow it to set. Now using a toothbrush; clean the grout lines well. Make sure you use clean water to wash away any remaining solution.

7. Understand your TileYou must understand your tiles well. The more you know about tile and grout, the better products you will choose for cleaning. Proper cleaning with these products on a regular basis will help you keep them looking great for many years. The products you use will take very less time in cleaning.

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